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Liquid Memoirs returns to Bay 6 with ‘Ultraviolet’ EP


Multi-genre producer Amal Ramesh returns to Bay 6 Recordings with ‘Ultraviolet’, the latest EP from his electronic music project, Liquid Memoirs – A project in which he has received support from the likes of Rolling Stone India and KEXP Radio. As one half of ambient/experimental duo Parallel Highway, Amal is no stranger to crafting emotive soundscapes. On ‘Ultraviolet’, he imbues the rhythms of Drum & Bass with melodious soundscapes, alongside fellow musicians Khromi, Crystal Alice, and Adam Dodson. It’s headphone music at its best, created to get lost inside.

‘Static’ opens the EP. Here, Liquid Memoirs and Khromi introduce the track with crystalline synth notes. They patter gently over smooth bass riffs like fine rain to a window, eventually joined by a driving percussion arrangement.

Adam Dodson joins the EP on ‘Antiquity’. The track is built around a silk-smooth guitar riff, which eventually unfurls into a multi-layered symphony. Underneath the echo-splashed melody is a thumping drum pattern, each of the moving parts combining to create audio serenity.

The title track ‘Ultraviolet’ takes us into dancefloor territory. Featuring Crystal Alice’s euphonious vocals in the introduction lays down soaring sub-bass patterns, brisk drums and distorted one-shots as the track unfolds. The result? A euphoric number made for the rave, without compromising any of the dreamlike qualities of the EP as a whole.

‘Jaded’ closes out ‘Ultraviolet’. It’s a lesson in balancing sounds from Amal: he fuses warm, plucked guitar chords with glistening synth runs, tranquil piano notes and rapid percussion. Densely blended and oozing with repose, ‘Jaded’ leaves the listener floating into the clouds.

Today we premiere ‘Jaded’ which is below for you to check out. The EP drops via Bay 6 Recordings on Friday 8th April, make sure you grab a copy from here!

Ultraviolet cover

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