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Ben Rolo returns to Bay 6 with ‘Distant Notion’ EP


Exactly a year after his ‘Fluorescent’ EP, Ben Rolo returns to Bay 6 Recordings with his sophomore release: ‘Distant Notion’, which consists of 4 great tracks. It also features the talents of Dim Bolt, Fullalove and Lauren Walton.

In this new release, Ben demonstrates not only his skills as an instrumentalist but a matured production approach with an intricate blend of recorded parts and creative electronic elements.

First up on the EP is the title track; ‘Distant Notion’. Combining not only beautiful melodies and soundscapes, Ben Rolo and collaborator Dim Bolt supply powerfully energetic production that effortlessly hammers home the raw emotion embedded into the track.

Next up on the EP is ‘Happy Go Lucky’, an aptly named track that’s full of funk and perfectly representative of the title. The track revolves around an incredibly catchy bassline written in by Ben himself, encased in punchy drums and instantly recognisable pad and chord-work.

Track 3 is a liquid fan’s dream ‘Black Hole’ – Ben teams up with his good friend and fellow liquid talent Fullalove to lay down the foundations of a beautiful, rolling spacey track. Adding onto the already pristine music is the ethereal vocals of Lauren Walton, who effortlessly oozes soul in her vocals.

Closing the EP is ‘Fever Dreams’. Ben embodies more of an old-school approach with this piece, featuring vocal and sample chops, but with the more modern addition of guitar and bass parts recorded by the man himself. Taking a “halftime” approach to the drums, ‘Fever Dreams’ is a gorgeous concoction of old and new, rough and smooth and ultimately – it’s full of soulful goodness.

Check out our premiere of ‘Happy Go Lucky’ below. The ‘Distant Notion’ EP drops on Friday 21st January and is available for you to grab from the button beneath the Soundcloud player!


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