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#KeepItReal Launches to Promote Body Positivity


Vocalist Ruth Royall along with some of the leading female Drum and Bass artists have joined forces to launch a new #keepitreal campaign. Their aim is to encourage EVERYONE to share real images of themselves and be proud of who they are. And they want you to get involved!

#keepitreal are planning an Instagram takeover on Saturday 22nd August from 4pm – 11:45pm (BST) to promote body positivity and challenge unrealistic beauty standards.

Ruth wants to use #keepitreal as a platform to highlight the unrealistic beauty standards we are ALL exposed to today. The image of the ‘perfect’ body on social media has created an illusion, through the use of filters and apps. It’s taking its toll on people’s mental health, especially the younger generations. The Facebook group is a safe space for body positivity and challenging perceptions. This group and Instagram/Facebook # will be used to raise awareness and spread the message to celebrate our differences and love our bodies.

Photo Credit: Sam Woollcott

The plan is to post a picture with #keepitreal painted onto a body part. It can be any body part and doesn’t need to be revealing, you do whatever feels right!

This isn’t about demonising the use of filters or shaming people who do, it’s about sharing the message that it’s ok not to be ‘perfect’ and to celebrate our differences.

There has been so much positivity in the #keepitreal group and we at DT hope we can help to keep spreading that positivity far and wide!

For me, personally, I have battled with my weight, confidence and self-esteem my entire life. I’m yet to take a photo of myself and get it out there but with everything in me, I will get there before 22nd August. It’s time to say goodbye to all the negative thoughts and embrace my inner goddess!

Here’s what a few members of the group have to say:

“As a black girl growing up in a white middle class area I always felt different and I never felt beautiful. Beauty to me was what was perpetuated in the media. Skinny white and blonde and I ticked none of the criteria.” Dayna Sierra

“I am 26 weeks pregnant, I’m witnessing my body change beyond anything I’ve ever recognised and although I know it’s 100% worth it, I am just trying to adjust and accept these changes. I know I have that strong woman inside me telling me to be proud and confident but we all have those weak moments especially when the media are shoving how we ‘should’ look down our throats.”Jennie Smith

“I have struggled forever with my weight being a bigger girl at school to almost hitting the 100kg mark a few years back while I was struggling at uni completing my vet degree. Having lost the weight for my wedding it’s been slowly getting back on and hence the running. So back to the point…I felt amazing after the run had a bath then looked at the mirror… and hated what I saw. Went on a Facebook spree searching for escapism and saw a few of your posts. So here goes… here is to all the big bums and thighs… because this body with its dimples allows me to run and do my job and love my animals. Thank you to Me and my body.”Heidi Hargreaves

We wish #keepitreal loads of luck with their plan and urge as many people as possible to get involved. This is not just for womxn, this is for everyone! Let’s unite once more and do this for everyone struggling with their body confidence.

You. Are. Beautiful!

You can hear Ruth talking about #KeepItReal on BBC Radio Bristol at 2hour 10mins here

For more information head to Ruth’s Social media:


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