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Conrad Subs drops ‘Beyond This/Chasm’ on Influence


Following on from last weeks premiere from the man of the moment Conrad Subs we are delighted to be bringing the next release from this hard-working producer.

Conrad has continued to work closely with Influence Records since his debut release with the label. As a result, Influence are very excited to welcome Conrad Subs back to the camp with his second release on the label this year. In response to the success of the ‘Chamber Funk’ EP, Conrad serves up his first double A-side single ‘Beyond This/Chasm’.

Both tracks have been getting some serious love as Conrad’s sound consistently picks up attention and praise. This single continues Influence’s focus to drive forward thinking deep liquid music, whilst supporting fresh talent. We think you’ll enjoy these two quality-controlled rollers as we continue to support the growth of both Conrad Subs and Influence Records.

We have it on good authority that we can expect more from Conrad Subs on Influence in the coming months. This includes the killer jungle single ‘Fury’ and a Disco inspired EP in the New Year.

Kicking off the release is out premiere ‘Beyond This’. Big kicks and an old school haunting string pull you forward into the track before the devastating sub comes thundering in. This tune is minimal, filthy and punchy. It’s been smashed by Aaron and is sure to get many peoples heads down and feeling those chest hurting bass vibes. This is definitely one for the Headz and fans of the old school Commix sound!

Then we have ‘Chasm’. A roller mixed with a Dillinja influenced raw bass. ‘Chasm’ is a cool tune that encapsulates lots of Conrad’s immerging signature sounds; from congas to the setback vocal samples and haunting pads, this is Mr Subs at his creative best.

This release has already seen support from Fabio, Grooverider, Doc Scott, Paul T & Ed Oberon, Redeyes, A-Sides and many more!

Check out Conrad Subs ‘Beyond This’ below. The single drops on Influence Records on 21st August, grab it from here


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