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Johney debuts on Soul Ex Machina


The first-ever Soul Ex Machina single is set to see the light of day very soon, on 7th of December actually. 

Soul Ex Machina‘s very own Johney once again proves his unrelenting focus and commitment, this time in the field of sharp and tight Drum & Bass.

‘Proximity’ is an energetic Drum & Bass roller, more than ready to keep any dancefloor hyped. Oldschool flavoured, rolling drum patterns, cutting-edge basslines and murky ambience create Johney’s signature sound and prove him worthy of attention for any true fan of the genre.

Our premiere for today, ’40W’ is the true hidden gem. Uncompromising amen breaks, bass growls, and atmosphere darker than darkness itself. Pure and wild energy. People with faint hearts should be aware! This one is for the real Jungle Drum & Bass connoisseurs out there.

Hailing from Slovakia and currently living in Brno, Czech Republic, Johney is a producer and DJ involved with various forms of bass music. Falling in love with the massive subby sound of dubstep in 2009, he started to dabble with production, incorporating Drum & Bass, Juke and various other influences into his music.

Over the years he has put out music on some imprints which showcase fresh talents such as Ground Mass Music, Samsara Beats, Sub Garden and more. Johney has also shown his DJing skills through various radio shows and stations, parties and festivals.

He’s also a member of Soul Ex Machina collective who push the deeper and more leftfield sounds of Drum & Bass and Dubstep. They started as a bunch of DJs, in the Drum & Bass scene in Brno, Czech Republic. Over the years, they’ve transformed into a forward-thinking collective of music enthusiasts, DJs, promoters, producers and now, music label.

Check out Johney ’40W’ below. The release drops on 7th December, make sure you grab a copy from here!