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Charlotte Devaney’s Top 10 Livestream Tracks


Since falling in love with dance music as a teenager, Charlotte Devaney has worked tirelessly to become one of the most unique, multifaceted artists on the electronic underground. She’s had a string of viral and underground hits throughout 2020 and it feels like the best is still to come. 

Charlotte has had an incredible journey towards the top tier of electronic music and it’s been eventful, to say the least! Over the course of her career, she’s been a headline DJ, platinum-selling musical artist, radio host, record label owner, animal rights campaigner, video director and even a Hollywood actress. However, it is for DJing that she is best known. 

After first taking to the turntables, Devaney quickly rose to prominence as a popular host and DJ on Invincible Radio and later Pyro Radio (a station she still broadcasts on). She was initially obsessed with hardcore, jungle and drum & bass, and was taught to DJ by some of Britain’s most iconic DJs, including Fabio and Randall. Devaney’s DJ career has flourished since she made her club debut in 2009, notching up headline sets all over the world, including such far-flung places as Barbados, Bali, India, Italy, Croatia, Qatar, China, Thailand and Turkey. Her success is due to her innate ability to read a crowd, work a dancefloor and rock a party with an eclectic, bass-heavy mixture of music.

As well as possessing tight technical skills and inspired track selection, Devaney is also renowned for delivering lively and passionate performances where she takes to the mic to host and spit rhymes. Naturally, these rhymes and sung vocals also provide a focal point for some of Devaney’s musical productions, which have appeared on a wide range of labels including Karma London Records, an imprint she founded in 2014.

Creative, driven, dedicated and hugely talented, it’s these traits that have seen her livestreams during lockdown do so well. ‘The Hologram Sessions’ is a unique watching experience where Charlotte is joined by MC’s via hologram. The sessions have been going since the first one kicked off on 1st July with Skibadee joining her… SKAAATTTYYY!!! Since then, she’s been accompanied by General Levy, Shabba D, MC Neat and Kele le Roc, Dread MC, Evil B vs B Live and Sweet Female Attitude (check them out here). Today (Monday 30th November) Charlotte is back with a special “DJ Taxi Edition” featuring the MC talents of Bellyman and Trigga!

Below, Charlotte has selected 10 tracks which she rates and has been using in a lot of her Hologram Sessions. This should help build your anticipation ahead of tonight’s show on Facebook Live at 7:30pm!

Bou ft Trigga ‘Veteran’

I’ve been playing this track non-stop since it came out, and I think on every Hologram Session the whole of lockdown! Trigga is a wicked Mc and very versatile artist. I also love a lot of Bou’s beats, nastiness! Catch Trigga performing this live on the Hologram Sessions DJ Taxi edition this Monday 30th Nov! 

L-Side & GQ ‘Zaga Dan’

Love this tune, GQ is my favourite ever Drum & Bass MC and his voice sounds really different on this, certified rolling banger!

Q Project ‘Greatest Thing’

One of my all-time favourite liquid tracks, that I’ve revived in basically every one of my D&B/Jungle sets this year! Fun fact this track was also written about me!

Kanine ‘The Shadows’

Filthy roller, I love this! I love mixing up the old and new , and this tune has fitted well in my sets this year.

Friction X Bou X Trigga ‘Seizure’

Brand new from Friction, Bou & Trigga , another filthy banger! Catch Trigga performing this live on the Hologram Sessions DJ Taxi edition this Monday 30th Nov! 

High Contrast ‘Make it Tonight’

Another one of my all-time favorite liquid tracks, from one of the best ! Such a feel-good funky track.

Shy FX ‘Warning’ ft. Gappy Ranks (Bou remix)

Been smashing this all year non-stop!! Certified banger and needs no introduction, Shy Fx and Bou can’t go wrong really! 

Scorpio ‘Trouble’

One of my favorite Jungle tunes from Scorpio on V Recordings, that drop is just bass face filth!

John B ‘All Night’

Man what can i say about this tune!!!! Been one of my fav ever dnb/jungle tunes since it came out!! A firm favorite in basically every dnb set i play! Bonafide classic and one for the screwface massive!

Q Project ‘Champion Sound’ (Alliance Remix)

My favourite ever jungle tune, its been remixed so many times but this is the best ever mix of it, all hail The Champion Sound! 

Tune in to ‘The Hologram Sessions’ tonight at 7:30pm on Facebook for the craziest session yet. Charlotte will be joining forces with DJ Taxi for a NEVER been seen before experience! She also joins forces with the legendary Trigga and Bellyman on hologram duties….Get ready, this going to be epic!

Link to the event is here