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Giganti releases ‘The Face Off’ on Viper Recordings



Viper Recordings have been known from the beginning as a label that has actively sought out new talent to bring to the spotlight including Metrik, Fred V & Grafix, Camo & Krooked, Sigma, Nero, DC Breaks, and more. The latest newcomer to catch bossman Futurebound’s attention is the mysterious Giganti, read more about him here!

The first track on the single, ‘The Face Off’ is our premiere today and immediately paints a picture of the wild, wild West with a cinematic intro influenced by classic Westerns. The elegant yet mysterious opening builds suspense, followed by a stabbing lead and thumping drums that is set to tear dancefloors apart. From the moment the track drops, adrenaline pumps non-stop, making it one hell of a weapon for any DJ whose sole aim is to slay any dance floor before them.

The flip side of the single is ‘Peacock Strut’, a foreboding and slightly sinister track with a bouncy verve. Both tracks are solid proof of Giganti’s strengths as a producer and although a relative newcomer, there’s no disputing he will soon become a household name to fans of dnb, and another strong addition to the ever-growing Viper family.

‘The Face Off’ is available as a Beatport exclusive from today with the full release on 14th December. Listen below and Pre-order here


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