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Forbidden Society returns to Vision Recordings with his new album ‘Lonely Road’


Vision Recordings presents the ‘Lonely Road’ LP, a new and exciting direction for Forbidden Society.

This album is all about exploration and expression. ‘Lonely Road’ showcases Forbidden Society venturing into uncharted territory, both personally and musically. Vision Recordings encouraged him to delve deep into his themes, resulting in a beautiful, dark, and dense collection of work.

Sometimes, a person can be found hiding in the noise. Away from the light, cloaked in distortion, breathing beneath the concrete. They might speak out, a lone transmission in the storm. Their voice, though overwhelmed by the violence, tells a story if you listen closely.

Forbidden Society has evolved from being just a DJ and producer to creating a platform for his brand that extends beyond his home in the Czech Republic. He has never bowed to commercial pressure, building a formidable reputation and a dedicated fan base. His diverse output, through his self-titled imprint and clothing line, showcases his sonic versatility. A prime example is his debut self-released LP ‘Fog Walk,’ which diverged from his usual hardcore vigor with twelve new tracks that expanded his already impressive catalog. The ‘Dead Box’ EP followed quickly, marking another monumental release in 2019. Though rooted in drum & bass, these works span electro, techno, and punk influences, reflected in his ‘Subworld’ EP on Noisia’s Vision Recordings, and his collaboration with Audio on ‘Iris.’

Recently, Forbidden Society was featured on Killbox’s album with ‘Transistor’ on RAM Records and returned to Vision with his solo EP ‘Subworld.’ He also contributed to their ‘Mission Compilation’ and crafted remixes for Noisia’s tracks ‘Exodus’ and ‘Moving For You’ (ft. I Am Legion), solidifying his longstanding relationship with the trio and propelling him further into the spotlight.

With self-released LPs like ‘Liminal Point’ and ‘No Return,’ Forbidden Society continues to set high standards while exploring genres like garage, techno, and halftime. His explosive presence has graced stages from Paris to Amsterdam, Colombia to Japan. As the first Czech producer booked for the legendary Pirate Station in Russia, he continues to push creative boundaries, ensuring his longevity and international success.

Today we premiere ‘Animal Spirit’ which you can check out below. Thealbum dropped on 13th June, make sure you grab a copy here!

Lonely Road cover

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