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Disarm debuts on Identity Records with ‘Thoughts / Swamp’


Punching through the sound barrier with an icy fist, Disarm lands on Identity Records with two fresh tracks ‘Thoughts’ and ‘Swamp’; intricately designed to push speaker systems to the absolute brink. These tracks revel in the sub-weight pressure that lies at the heart of the label’s ethos. Pulling its energy directly from the dark sounds of the underground, it’s a powerhouse release that hits the body as hard as it infects the mind.

‘Thoughts’ opens with a deep current of atmospherics, building the tension with maximum efficiency. As the vocal sample launches the drop, the dual force of the snare and kick drum propels the song forward with a surging intensity that can’t be denied. Mutating blasts of noise fuse perfectly with the chattering repetition of the hats, creating a hypnotic blend of sounds that makes this such an addictive track.

The heavy-duty weapon ‘Swamp’ comes rolling in next, brandishing a ferocious sub that smashes anything in its path. The razor-sharp chop of the snare cuts through the mix, layering perfectly with the rhythmic vibrations and murky horn blasts that dot the soundscape. This is an overpowering tune that takes no prisoners, with each layer designed to deliver the serious weight at its heart.

Today we premiere ‘Swamp’ which you can check out below. The 2 track single drops via Identity Records on Friday 26th May, make sure you grab a copy from here!

Swamp cover