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DT DNB Single Reviews

Beat Excursions #5 is here and doesn’t disappoint


The fifth edition of the Beat Excursions series on the same-named label is out and initiator Kabuki has put together some interesting collaborations and sonics. The name says it all and should at least be familiar to every bass music lover. No matter if it’s throwing parties with dBridge, giving lessons at Abbey Road Institute or just music production, it seems like the man breathes, tastes, speaks, what do I say, lives music.

His knowledge of the matter can be heard very well in the aforementioned example. ‘Natural Vibe’, my favourite of the EP, is a collab with US producer Anna Morgan and UK based vocalist Rider Shafique. The result is a dancehall soaked beast with Riders trademark patois poetry. Distorted bass always goes down a treat as well as pumping kicks and twisted pads. Based on a sample from a recent live performance of Kabuki at the Tokyo Festival Of Modular, ‘Iceberg’ is a casual dig into the breaky areas of the Footwork Jungle. The sample processing on the drums is first class and so you rattle deeply relaxed towards the sunset. Uber dreamy! ‘Goons’ comes in very disturbing and moves hard flexing in the 140 range. The tune was created with the Canadian dubstep producer duo Groves and feeds on a casual hip hop attitude and driving rhythms! There is no time to take a short break, because ‘Shimmer’ is taking the place apart with the weirdest acid interlude since the 90s. Ravey, experimental, tribal drums, all packed into a pot, stirred once or twice and the result is the wildest trip since LSD!

What can I say, I’m hooked! Gimme more daddy!

Stream and buy Beat Excursions #5 here