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DT DNB Renegade Riddims

Renegade Riddims: Cyan


Going by Cyan, the human enigma that is Context Audio’s head honcho has always been an elusive figure surrounded by suspense and intrigue. Some say he’s from Portsmouth, the UK’s largest island city. Some say he used to be a resident for the Phaze 2 Soundsystem. Others say he has a monthly show on the Goat Shed. Yet more say they saw him in Leeds this one time pulling pints. Who knows the real truth?

What we do know is that a) he is a great DJ, b) he runs a great record label and c) he has an exceptional jawline. Rumours also abound that he has a large collection of dubs and he’s not afraid to use them either.

While the facts may be shaky, it’s evident that he’s someone with years of passion and dedication to Drum & Bass in all its forms (except jump up), and is now a permanent fixture in our beloved scene.

We’ve been friends with Cyan for a while now and have been trying to get him on the mix series for ages…finally, he relented after seeing the number of world-class artists we’ve been exposing you all to in recent times. So, here he is in all his glory with an eclectic mix of Drum & Bass (but not jump up, obviously as he’s clearly not a fan)!

Settle into your isolation with an hour of beats and bass from Cyan by clicking below. You can also download it from here in case you wish to listen over and over again!!


Icicle – Disarray [Getahead Records]
Ulterior Motive & Future Cut – Second Nature [Guidance Music]
Ill Truth – S.D.S. [Vandal Records]
Invadhertz – No One [Delta 9]
Lao Wai – Let Go (Sustance Remix) [Context Audio]
Krypta – Reputation [Four Corners
Ewol & Skylark – Agur [Dispatch Recordings]
Monty & Visages – Black Shield [1985 Music]
ID – ID [Context Dub]
Sustance – Temperance [Overview Music]
Melinki & Demure – Come With Us [Spearhead]
Walk:R – Oscillate [Guidance Music]
L-Side & Sl8r – Look At U [Chronic]
Sinic – Exit Blue [Flexout Audio]
Jestah & Creatures – Emulsifier [Delta 9]
Exept & Visages – Rotary [Methlab]
cømpiler – Injection [Skankandbass]
Division – Lost [Mainframe Recordings]
Monty & Alix Perez – Cursive [1985 Music]
ID – ID [Context Dub]
Changer – Need Your Lovin’ [Context Audio]
Survey & QZB – Hotline [Flexout Audio]
Dedman & LNO – Morsel [Skankandbass]
ID ft ID – ID (ID Remix) [Context Audio dub]
Waeys – Ropple [Overview Music]
OaT – If You Could See [Context Audio]
Composite – Nesh (ID Remix) [Context Audio dub]