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A K A drops ‘Numb’ EP on inHabit Recordings


Sun’s out, guns out! The new ‘Texture’ release on inHabit Recordings which comes in the form of the ‘Numb’ EP from the alarmingly google proof A K A is out now. Although you don’t need to resort to search engines to know that the assistant label manager of London’s EKOU Recordings label is the guy holding the big bag of ammo these days, racking up plays from everyone from Noisia to Camo & Krooked and practically everyone in between (and also plenty of people who kind of fall outside any bi-directional axis drawn between either of those).

‘On My Own’ is a heads-down, tranced-out tour de force built around a skittering steppy break, a pitched-down male vocal and some trancey, euphoric pads and leads, one for the home stretch of your set, play this on any well-tuned rig and you will absolutely not be on your own for long.

‘Numb’ is a big forceful and melodic wall of bracing noise, tempered by distant vocal snatches and anchored by a stabby bassline that steps deftly between the melodic and the menacing.

‘Waiver’ gets a little wavier than the rest, even if the other cuts are ravier, it’s still packed full of flavour and the soaring pads, optimistic wubs and the low-slung rumble of that gorgeous bassline should make even the most jaded raver waver. Truly one to savour.

The EP gets wound up tightly and wrapped in brown paper and string by a remix from Incident, whose take on ‘Numb’ turns it into spacious angular tech funk with a whole heap of textural and guttural flourishes and a solid step that cuts through any mix and carves out a vibe of its very own.

Once again these tunes have all been funnelled through by inHabit’s dear friend and constant collaborator Height – whatever the hell he’s done to them (and they sounded pretty damn sick already when we sent them over!) has made these tunes sound absolutely immense, so go cop them, play them as loud as we have, to an audience of your friends and your favourite humans, and marvel at just how much good energy a sound wave can carry, because I promise you it’s even more than you ever thought.

Today we premiere Incident’s remix of ‘Numb’ which you can check out below. The EP dropped today on Bandcamp, make sure you grab a copy for your collection from here!

Numb cover

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