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Zylo & EJ Kitto self-release ‘Love Lang’


Brand manager of DnB Allstars, EJ Kitto has been making music for the last couple of years and has combined her thoughtfully profound lyrics with her love of Drum & Bass and Alternative R&B to create a sound that is truly unique and all her own.

“I wrote ‘Love Lang’ at a time when I didn’t feel respected after falling in love with a girl for the first time. Coincidentally , I was taught about the 5 Love Languages on a radio show that month and got straight on my piano, writing my thoughts and feelings, which then became ‘Love Lang’. After I started producing the track I pitched my idea to Zylo and we got to work.”

London based Producer/DJ, Zylo has taken the underground world by storm. He has been dominating the London underground drum & bass scene and building a strong and community of ravers. He’s really starting to push his way into the scene this year and has started to get recognised for the noise he’s been making. He made an appearance on Bloc2Bloc recently where you can see him grinning from ear to ear, this young DJ clearly has a love and passion for drum & bass.

We’ll be keeping on our eyes firmly on these two exciting new artists!

Zylo and EJ Kitto are self-releasing their track ‘Love Lang’ on 14th March and we premiere it today. It starts off with some melodic synths before EJ’s sublime vocals kick in and the rolling drums are introduced. At the first drop, the bassline takes the track to new levels.

They will be holding a release party at Barber ‘n’ Bass in London on 14th March, you can get tickets from here, but be warned this is an intimate venue holding 80 people so don’t sit on this!

Check out ‘Love Lang’ below and grab a copy from here


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