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Reviewed: DnB Allstars – Manchester


If you’ve been paying any attention to electronic music recently, you’ll have heard of the collective: DnB Allstars. Showcasing a dynamic record label with releases from artists like AC13 and Simula, DnB Allstars are now taking a slice of their sound and live shows up and down the country. With a lineup blending established artists and newcomers, DnB Allstars was set to bring something brand new to the Manchester Academy venue.

Recently finishing up his tour in North America UK artist Dimension was headlining. With club smashers like ‘Devotion’ and ‘Love to me’, he was the perfect pick for a DnB Allstars night. The acts following were Manchester’s very own home grown talent Indika and then finishing up was a hefty b2b with Sub Zero and T>I.

Held in Manchester Academy’s smaller venue, Academy 2 above the Manchester student’s union, it was both intimate yet spacious and felt reminiscent of an old school exam hall. With a wooden sticky floor, it was filled with a blend of students and outsiders, it was a friendly and energetic mix of ravers.

As we entered the venue we could feel the anticipation building for the headliner. With smiles all round and drinks flowing, the lights began to dim as Dimension set up his USB’s. Blending his signature style of dance floor and chart, Dimension delivered a showcase of contemporary Drum and Bass. Blending both released and unreleased music, it was a whirlwind of energy smattered with a dose of melodic turns and dark twisted corners; Dimension always brings the best set of the night.

Following Dimension was Manchester-based DJ Indika. Being one of the most celebrated in the Manchester scene for her effortless mixing, she tore through the audience blending her unique underground style with a myriad of unheard tunes. It was a true set for the underground and received rapturous roars from one drop to the next.

DnB Allstars delivered a smashing event. Booking both underground artists from Manchester alongside more established artists gave it a dynamic and exciting feel to discover new names and talent.

DnB Allstars have upcoming events in London (this weekend), Leicester, Cardiff, Bristol, Milton Keynes and Leeds! Information and tickets for these events can be found here


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