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Picota & Kumbh release on ProgRAM


Spanish brothers Picota & Kumbh make their ProgRAM debut with a heavyweight two-tracker. Influenced by many genres such as break, funk and soul Picota & Kumbh started making music as a band from early 2013. The sound they created is quite interesting and alternative. Deep rolling resonance bass through dark, chaotic and funky ambient with jungle and minimalist percussion create an old retro, underground experience.

‘Sacrifice’ rolls steadily with dark, growling synth patches and tight percussive drums swiftly followed the moody, warped bass of ‘The Mummy.’ Both tracks showcase this up-and-coming duo’s ear for crafting stripped back, atmospheric tech beats.

2019 is in full swing and the label continues to flourish. Picota & Kumbh are the latest recruits to get with the ProgRAM and it’s time to hear what they bring.

‘Sacrifice/The Mummy’ is released on 5th July on ProgRAM. Check out ‘The Mummy’ below and grab a copy from here