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Queer on Acid launch label with ‘Drama’ EP


Two old friends and partners from Riga who discovered house music back in the 1990s decided to form a project and record label with a hooligan title – “Queer on Acid”. It’s about gay culture and electronic music to which they belong.

“As electronic music fans, DJs and party animals, we met, obviously, in an underground club in Riga almost 20 years ago. One day we were fooling around and made those two tracks that reminded us of big warehouse parties we used to rave. Then we’ve suggested why not to make another project and label out of this with a funny name? So, Queer on Acid was born!” fellas say. “We run another record label Amber Muse, but as soon as the new stuff is quite different from what we put out there, we wanted not to stir everything together and not to influence the natural course of events.”

“We don’t take it all too serious as you can see from the name of the project. Dance music was born in LGBT communities, and it’s always been about unity and a lot of fun, so you can take it as a manifesto to LGBTQ freedom too, with a nod to dance music roots. We also thought that we want to travel more and to meet new people. The music is the best way to make new connections and friends, isn’t it?” they continue.

The first Queer on Acid “Drama” EP contains two warehouse ready cuts: “Bed Drama” and “Rusty Nails”. We premiere ‘Bed Drama’ for you today, and you can grab the EP from Here.


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