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ODCEE release ‘Right There, Right Now’ via CUFF


UK DJ and Producer ODCEE has been involved in the music industry for the last decade. He started his career in the UK jungle/dnb underground scene and this distinctive sound is still ingrained in the music he is creating to this day.

In late 2015 ODCEE made the decision to venture into House music and exploded onto the local scene with his own event, Project 101. As well as dabbling in the events side of things he opted to delve into another arm of the industry and created his own record label, ODTech records.

2019 is set to be a great year, with a packed release schedule and state of the art recording studio up and running, expect to hear some fresh music house music with a very distinctive sound.

The first of these comes on Amine Edge & Dance‘s CUFF imprint. The release titled ‘Right There, Right Now’ is our premiere today!

Grab a copy here


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