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Mark Greene makes his debut on Portuguese label Trau-ma


Irishman Mark Greene makes his debut on Portuguese label Trau-ma. Mark follows up a string of recent releases on his own label DORCHA with five frenetic tracks on the faster end of the techno spectrum.

Mark Greene is an Irish DJ/Producer based in Meath just outside Dublin. Witnessing the likes of The Advent & Industrialyzer, Richie Hawtin and Dave Clarke on the Dublin Techno scene led him to running his own events with friends and pursuing a diploma in Sound Engineering. Having initially being known for his harder take on Techno, Mark’s productions have moved toward a more groove-orientated approach in recent years.

“All of these tracks were made in fairly quick succession during lockdown in Ireland. The extra time to work on tracks is one small silver lining over the past few months, I suppose. It’s great to see some tougher, faster techno re-emerging this year and I gladly revisited some of the sounds I was working on when I first started making music in 2014.”

We premiere ‘Techno Emergency’ on our NUDE Techno Channel today. Cahoots is available to pre-order on both Bandcamp and Beatport now ahead of general release on October 26th.