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Welcome to NUDE our new Techno Channels


Some of you might have noticed for the past few months, we’ve been rolling out some new Music Channels on Data Transmission. All supported through our main website hub.

One of those is NUDE.

NUDE is a sub-brand of Data Transmission focusing on Techno.

Launched in 2019 with the focus of promoting great techno and harnessing the power of Soundcloud in one place.  As SoundCloud has adapted over the past year, so must Data Transmission.  For 2020 all Techno that we love will appear on here.  Already supported by OVUM, MOOD, Odd Recordings, Intec, Liberta, Elevate, Sisyphon, Say What with premieres the channel has had nearly 200k plays in the first few months.

Then we launched the NUDE mix series. The series has already seen Ramon Tapia, Anfisa Letyago, Simina Grigoriu DYSART and more – See below for the complete Podcast to-date.

Why NUDE, you might ask? “I’m a massive fan of The Chemical Brothers track ‘NUDE Night’ which featured as a b-side on the ‘Golden Path’ vinyl. The story of this track and the name of the track came from a party at the legendary Hacienda run by Greg Wilson called ‘NUDE’. So this is a little nod to that, it would be fun to build the brand to have a NUDE Night party again for sure.”

NUDE is also a brand label from us, we are slowly building a few rising stars we are really in to, with a couple more coming in the next month. For those that missed the excellent free downloads from Crossbow & Kruger, go and check em out now!

Finally, we’ve launched our YouTube channel today – http://bit.ly/nudetechnoyoutube


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