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J Paul Getto returns to Purple Tea with Tim Serra on ‘Move Me’


J Paul Getto makes his return to Purple Tea Records. This time he’s teamed up with Tim Serra on ‘Move Me’ out on 15th September.

With a repertoire of guaranteed floor fillers, Tony Saputoaka aka J Paul Getto can now be crowned the new minister of funk. His sound is a seamless plenty of contemporary techniques with classic samples of danceable beats and heartfelt emotions that really get the girls in a spin. 

With the help of Maurice Tamraz and Neil Petricone of X-Mix Productions. J Paul Getto mined his own unique vein of sample-heavy disco house, creating an impressive body of work in such a short time. He’s released tracks like ‘Imma Let You Know’, ‘3000’, and ‘Paris Fried Chicken’ to rapturous receptions everywhere.

The label says about the release: “Last time we had J. Paul Getto on the label it was a pinch-me moment for the both of us. So now that we have the privilege of doing that a second time. Once you add someone as talented as Tim Serra in the mix it just gets better. It’s moments like that make you feel something special.”

We premiere ‘Move Me’ for you today, check it out below and grab it here.


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