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GINO remixes Complex ‘5 Percent’


Established in 2008 by DJ and producer Complex, Good4Nothing Records has spent over a decade committing itself to the drum & bass community, something which hasn’t gone unnoticed by its far-reaching fan base. With releases from Jayline, DJ Guv, Macky Gee and many more gracing the imprint’s back catalogue, there’s an array of tastes which have been catered for throughout its journey.

To commemorate its ascent within our beloved dance music genre over the last decade, they’re set to release a colossal compilation which defines what Good4Nothing Records represents to the wider drum & bass world.

The tracklisting for ’10 Years of Good4Nothing’ is a weighty one – Part One dropped in August, featuring artists who’ve carved a sizeable place for Good4Nothing throughout both the collections of music listeners and the club circuit.

Now, the Good4Nothing Records camp is ready to drop the second instalment. Coming on 26th December the second part features 15 tracks and remixes from the head honcho himself, as well as Filthy Habits, The Force, Metalwork, Jack The Ripper, DJ Twista and more, there’s a range of talent throughout but not once does the compilation lose its dancefloor edge or bow down to commercial viability. Our premiere today is GINO’s remix of Complex’s ‘5 Percent’ which is about as jump up as they come!

Check out Complex ‘5 Percent’ (GINO remix) below and pre-order/buy the album from here


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