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DLR drops 2 tracks on Dispatch’s Blueprints series


For the third instalment of the Dispatch Blueprints series, another of their favourite artists presents their unique take on the Blueprints ethos. Continuing the theme of exploring organic musical progression, DLR delivers two exceptional tracks that perfectly capture the spirit of the label.

Known as one of the leaders of funk within Drum & Bass, DLR has been one of the scene’s household names for a long time now. DLR began his career at the early age of 15/16 when he started to dabble in making loops and bashing them together. After a short time doing that, he saved up his money and bought himself a computer and started creating. In the early days, he released music on labels like Dispatch and has continued to release music on select labels. Then he launched Sofa Sound and his output increased. He has collaborated with artists such as Survival, Break and Ant TC1, and teamed up with Mako to form the Metalheadz duo, OneMind.

Playing a big part in an ever-growing, moving and electric musical landscape in Bristol, DLR knows that this is no time to be slowing down, now is the time to push things even further striving to keep the sounds of minimal, rolling, tech funk at the forefront of the drum and bass sound spectrum.

His latest offering on Dispatch stems from an idea which he started to develop several years ago as ‘You Leave’ began life as a hardware-based tune. No longer using the same equipment when DLR returned to finalise the idea, the track was completely rebuilt with modern emulation, combining old school inspiration with contemporary techniques.

‘Intermix’ is a stripped-back, two-step journey. Slowly developing changes progress into dynamic and unexpected directions.

Our premiere today is ‘You Leave’, which you can check out below. The EP drops on Beatport as an exclusive and on vinyl on 10th July, it’ll be on general release on 24th July. Grab it from here


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