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Ded Sheppard drops ‘You Can’t Take It With You’LP


On his debut album ‘You Can’t Take It With You’, Ded Sheppard pushes musical boundaries until they start to break at the seams with his remarkable, experimental tribal techno and drum and bass. A self-styled sound deconstructor, the combination of beatless compositions and dancefloor-focused tracks. In part the product of his experience working as a composer and sound designer for video games and film, results in a deeply engaging album.

Ded Sheppard artwork

‘You Can’t Take It With You’ is a seven-track concept album, featuring 4 dancefloor tracks and 3 tonal pieces, each musically interconnected and tightly woven with a narrative that runs throughout. Highly relevant and suitable for the dancefloor it should also appeal to more experimentally-minded listeners, featuring elements of ambient doom, drone and even a piano ballad at the end, all of which are pinned together with Ded Sheppard’s tribal techno and half-time drum and bass roots.

Album opener ‘Lead Into Darkness’ sets a foreboding tone right from the start, with bit-crushed waves of black noise giving way to an eerily dissonant organ line and snarling synth washes. From there the album is a visceral, paranoia-ridden ride through razor-sharp percussion, hard-hitting drums and apocalyptic Amen breaks, the masterfully oppressive atmosphere occasionally punctuated by a shining, shimmering synth line that serves only to intensify the otherwise intensely desolate tone.

“Throughout my concept album I explore themes of mortality and I question our unfolding dystopian future. I continually ask the question, “what are we leaving behind?”, with the central theme being you can’t take it with you. As an artist, I wanted to give myself the freedom to explore and to go beyond my expected boundaries in dance music, in structure, form and tone. It haunts the catacombs of those long gone, looking for wisdom on where to go next.” Ded Sheppard

Ded Sheppard is a relatively new project from a producer who has seen notable success over the years. Formerly recording under the alias Code Blue, his collab with Germany’s legendary The Panacea ‘Graveyard Twist’ was released on Position Chrome and played live by Aphex Twin at Coachella in his historic set.

His first solo EP under his new moniker debuted in 2015, a genre bending, sound design-heavy, liquid EP that showcased his cerebral, masterfully balanced take on bass music. His next four EP releases were released on Onset Audio and supported by the best and brightest artists such as Noisia and Homemade Weapons. Ded Sheppard’s sound is described by Noisia as “evolving tribal techno”.

Today, we premiere ‘Unknown Utterances’ which you can check out below. ‘You Can’t Take It With You’ is out 27th September on Onset Audio you can grab it here


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