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Reviewed: Oasis Festival 2019


What makes a festival unique, enjoyable and memorable? I believe it’s the little things – Welcome to Oasis Festival! This was my third year returning, and for good reason. Three days hosted at The Fellah Hotel grounds in Marrakech, which has expanded to 4 stages on site amongst other experiences dotted around, let me tell you why this festival will be on your bucket list for next year.

We arrive at the beautiful Fellah Hotel grounds and acquire our wristbands and entry to the site quickly and smoothly. As we start to explore the small winding paths we find a ball pit and several picturesque photo booths set up by Maev who are in charge of designing the festival site, and absolutely smashed it! With small candlelit lanterns hanging off of olive trees, fire floating on pools, beautiful coloured lamps and mood lighting which give the festival a warming glow into the night. They truly create a vibe and a feeling through the attention to detail in your surroundings.

Photo shot by СОЛОВОВ / SOLOVOV

We roll up to the Oasis stage to catch Nicola Cruz displaying his exploration of traditional mythologies in a modern setting with authentic Moroccan sounds paired with deep vibrations.

Off to the Bamboo stage which earned the name as it’s literally fully surrounded by 20ft tall bamboo of which you have to navigate around to find your entrance. Dana Ruh was sticking to her German roots producing deep contemporary techno sounds so we stuck around. Shortly after, Sonja Moonear appeared to turn it up a notch with some seductively deep basslines and space station sounds.

As we made our way over to Moodyman on the Oasis stage he was smashing out some housey beats for a short while until old school hip-hop classics such as ODB ‘Got Your Money’ took over. He generated a great vibe with the crowd but we were looking for something a little deeper so we found BINH b2b Nicolas Lutz battering the bamboo stage with an eclectic selection of bangers such as Big Miz ‘The Great Beast’ and Fear E ‘Back To Basics’.

© Photography by Ben Hale for Here & Now (fb.com/wearehereandnow)

Off to catch Four Tet closing out the main stage, and I have to say for a DJ with very little energy behind the decks, he delivered dirty brain rattling drops and contrasted them with atmospheric spacey builds leading back to hefty basslines, solid set, day one complete.

Arriving at Malik at the Bamboo stage, I loved his energy. He had a cheeky smirk that he just couldn’t remove, he knew he had some smelly bangers in store for us and it was written all over his face. I can’t say I recognised much of the music he was playing but it was deep with an uplifting party vibe, I loved it.

Paramida took things up a notch approaching the stage with her wild curly hair, gracing our ears with heavy techno wobbles true to her Berlin influences. Throughout her set, she displayed versatility, with some vocal and uplifting bouncy beats, through to the more euphoric synths she’s renown for.

© Photography by Khris Cowley for Here & Now (fb.com/wearehereandnow)

I have to give a big shout out to SAIB over at the smallest of stages Mbari House. Young up and coming local talent with Jazz grooves influencing his sound he smashed out some classic housey sounds incorporating the saxophone and creating a real vibe.

Next up we were surprised to see the unique and intense duo Paranoid London (live). Merging house and techno with a voice whispering throughout the set to create a really trippy atmosphere which better explained their artist name. Meanwhile at the Oasis stage DJ Bone was cooking up a storm on the dancefloor in preparation for the closing set. He didn’t hold back, overwhelming basslines and dirty beats had the crowd buzzing. One of my favourite moments of the weekend was during his set when he dropped a filthy techno remix of ‘This Is America’, solid job.

Photo shot by СОЛОВОВ / SOLOVOV

Finally, Amelie Lens appeared through the beaded light backdrop of the main stage, needless to say, we were sardines by the front of the stage and true to herself she didn’t keep us waiting for a second, diving straight into hectic heavy techno with her infamous bassface. Her pumping high energy behind the controller was delightful and the passion she has for the music she plays is evident, she plays what she loves and does not allow a second for a breather on the dancefloor. It was clear why her following has grown so much in recent years, and if you need reassurance, go and see her play. She will not disappoint.

The final day of Oasis Festival and it’s gonna take all you’ve got to keep our legs moving, lucky for us we stumbled across Italian legend Silvie Loto. Up there among my favourite discoveries across the weekend, she manages to bring together a perfect balance between house & techno, with a set clearly handcrafted to the crowd she plays to incorporating french vocals ‘S’appelle Underground’ earning big love from the dancefloor. Vibes.

© Photography by Ben Hale for Here & Now (fb.com/wearehereandnow)

Archie Hamilton took over next and showcased his UK house & rave culture influences with a dynamic set that wouldn’t allow us to leave. Quick builds and heavy drops kept us on our toes and damn it felt good to have that UK sound so far away from home!

Cassy drew a big crowd to the stage, and as Eats Everything was unable to make it due to unforeseen circumstances, she had the full two hours to herself and we were not disappointed. Her wild blonde curly hair bouncing around the stage as she keeps an eye on the crowd, she nails the ability to connect with her ravers on the dancefloor, hitting hefty beats with lots of uplifting vocals creating a jazzy, funky vibe.

Photo shot by СОЛОВОВ / SOLOVOV

We wandered past the Mirage stage assuming we had missed Mall Grab‘s set only to be pleasantly surprised by him pushing well past his 2 hour set time and playing for 3.5 hours! LEGEND! There is literally no better feeling than a set going on longer than expected and there was nothing but love and good energy in the air.

The last set of the last day was upon us and having seeing Loco Dice play many times before, I have to say he had prepared something very special to close out Oasis Festival. Producing solid physical grooves, merging sounds & atmosphere to create a perspective on the dancefloor. Mixing hip-hop influences to his housey vibes and smoothly transitioning to darker techno was effortless for Loco Dice. Truly spectacular.

If you’re not already sold then here are a few details that I cannot miss.

The toilets rarely ever had a queue and had friendly attendants cleaning each one after use and ensuring they were always topped up with toilet paper.

After wristband top-up queues building up on the first day, they tackled it swiftly by doubling the top-up lanes the following day.

There was a golden bathtub you could chill out in, there was a ball pit, the entire festival grounds are covered in beautiful plants and herbs (still the best smelling festival ever).

© Photography by Khris Cowley for Here & Now (fb.com/wearehereandnow)

All of the staff and everyone involved in the event were friendly, kind & helpful. You could literally take a nap anywhere without a worry.

There were multiple chill-out spaces covered in rugs, poofs, sofas, beds, shisha lounges, amazing food, swimming pools, I could go on and on but you’re gonna have to go and see for yourself!

See you at Oasis Festival next year!

Thank you again Oasis Festival <3


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