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Cœur self releases his ‘Vast Ocean’ EP


The development of the early ocean is a catalyst for the elements that will eventually evolve into terrestrial life, out of the earlier building blocks brought to us from external, solar bodies. The atmospheric changes overtime cool the planet and create massive expanses of liquid water, eventually forming a ‘Vast Ocean’. This giant entity, encompassing the planet’s now smaller landmass, fills every space it can, flowing through the smallest rocks and into the deepest depths of the planet’s crust. Though not yet ready for complicated forms of life simple ones do appear and eventually develop into multi-cellular lifeforms to be carried in the waves and slowly change over the next billion years.

Cœur is a multigenre solo project from composer and producer, Levi Miah. From 2016’s post-metal ‘Horizons’, to 2018’s dark synth ‘Trinity’, Cœur’s music continues to evolve through different genres in each album. ‘The Dodecalogy’ series began releasing in 2020 as a 12-part, genre-spanning album series charting the birth, life and death of a terrestrial planet. The upcoming third release, ‘Vast Ocean’, takes this concept into classic realms of breakbeat, jungle and drum & bass, fusing it with Cœur’s signature atmospheric production. Alongside this project, Cœur continues to work on award-winning film scores and production collaborations.

While the first two entries into ‘The Dodecalogy’ are rooted firmly in expansive, drumless, ambient soundscapes, ‘Vast Ocean’ begins to open the sound of the project into more diverse regions. Still rooted in the sounds of the earlier albums – melodic, atmospheric, analogue-esque and with a kosmiche energy – it also takes heavy influence from 90s UK jungle and drum & bass, with deep, growling sub-bass, infectious breakbeats, anthemic, euphoric builds and huge drops.

“The third entry in ‘The Dodecalogy’ is a love letter to my own foundational electronic experience – dedicated to the dancefloor regulars, the bedroom ravers, the sample choppers, the knob tweakers, the pirate radio DJs and recreational drug takers as much as it is to the oceans and atmosphere that make life possible.” – Cœur

The third instalment consists of 5 brand new productions, ‘Fathoms’, ‘Sediments’, ‘Abyssal Plain’, ‘Protocells’ and ‘Waves’. Our premiere today comes in the form of Cœur’s ‘Abyssal Plain’ which is a beautifully composed track perfect for easy listening and getting lost in. This is jungle infused with breakbeat with loads of expertly crafted atmospherics and sounds.

Check out ‘Abyssal Plain’ below. Cœur’s ‘Vast Ocean’ EP drops on 7th August and is available from here, so make sure you grab a copy!