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Aphrodite remixes ‘Rice ‘N’ Peas’ on Dance Concept


Next up for Dance Concept, label head honcho Benny V once again joins forces with DJ Uniques and they are joined by Reggae star Raggo Zulu Rebel for a unique twist and blend of flavours. Grab your favourite Caribbean culinary delights, put them in a giant pot and let the rice meet the peas! Half time Jungle fun with big rumbling subs and a hook that will get stuck in your head…in a really good way!

Dance Concept has been running since 1999. They’ve put on events all over the UK as well as releasing music on all formats on the record label. They’ve had releases from some of the worlds biggest artists including Serum, Voltage, Kenny Ken, Aphrodite, Brockie, Bladrunner and the late and great Stevie Hyper D! This is a label that has stood the test of time and is showing no signs of slowing down!

For our premiere today, internationally renowned Jungle and Drum and Bass legend, DJ and producer since the music’s foundations, Aphrodite is added to the menu to give his own take on this modern day classic. And as you would expect this remix is nothing short of sensational!!

Check out Aphrodite’s remix of Benny V and DJ Uniques ft. Raggo Zulu Rebel ‘Rice ‘N’ Peas’ below. It’s out on Dance Concept on 7th February, you can grab the whole EP from here


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