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Reviewed: Pacha Ibiza 2nd August


Warmin’ things up nicely with enough restraint to ease partygoers into the space, but enough gusto to get those ready to dance in and out of their own booty-shake, Coco Cole delivered badass basslines and bumpy beats with her usual flair and joy. Swiftly, the dance-floor packed itself out, and as this raver has got older, the crowds appear to get younger. However, where usually such an audience seem inept and unsure about how to give themselves unto a vibe, this particular bunch got straight into it, throwing caution to the air-con.

Following Cole, much to our surprise, was the ultrafunk himself, Mark Ronson! Now, for some, Ibiza (and especially Pacha) isn’t somewhere one would associate with the more Urban of scenes. Yet Ronson’s appearance and phenomenal set hit all of the specific notes (and more) required for the most perfect pre-headliner session anyone could have hoped for. From classic Funk & Soul – yes, I broke out some exuberant shapes, almost concussing a passer-by! – with R&B and Hip-Hop meandering through some of his own numbers, alongside more Pop-orientated gestures, his efforts went down as arguably the most interesting and crowd-pleasing part of the night! Again, this was exactly what was required, as it lifted the entire club into the highest of highs, ready for its main star and headline act!

Anyone familiar with his musical work will be aware that Martin Solveig is a man of multiculturalism and fun. Peppered throughout his output are nods to Disco, Funk, Pop, and World Music. So the expectation is forgivably of a similar nature. However, his jaw-dropping session was filled with enough of the above – plus his own work – to please the casual reveler, yet underlined with the perfect amount of the underground aesthetic to perpetuate hardened ravers’ weeknight workout, and inspiring most people to scream, jump, and dance in delight.

Thankfully, Pacha seems to be continuing to bring not just the big names, but good, great, and [most importantly] proper DJs to its main booth, sustaining its reputation as a reliably effective night out, whatever your inclination!


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