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Reviewed: Honey Dijon presents Blackout


Friday 8th March 2019 saw the legendary Honey Dijon debut her brand Blackout in London. Teaming up with Percolate and TPI sound system to bring this one off affair that was advertised as: an all night long sonic experience where the DJs will be hidden, self-expression will be encouraged and sweating is mandatory.

Honey played a 5hour set giving the opening set to the hotly tipped Carista as her very special guest providing a mesmeric supporting performance. The lights were turned all the way down at the Hangar (previously the laundry) – London Fields to give the full experience to club goers.

Arriving at the venue we were met with a long queue and you could feel the excitement from the crowd. We swiftly made our entry into a packed club with the vibe well along the way. Carista was an hour into her set, but the energy felt as if we were halfway into the headliners set. Once the confusion of the venue was behind us and we finally checked our coats in, it was time to get situated on the dancefloor and loose our inhabitations.

When it was time for the lady of the moment to grace the decks, the crowd was roaring and ready to go! Honey played a real journey of a set touching on early house to a more modern style to industrial hard hitting techno. Vocal heavy tracks along with many self produced vocal edits brought the underground fans and sing along heads together, encouraging an attitude of we are all one on the dancefloor. Of course, she paid respect to the greats spinning classic tunes from Franky Knuckles, Green Velvet and Derrick Carter to name a few.

Was the night everything Honey promised? YES – and some! The well-mixed crowd offered a great party experience while the TPI sound system offered a crisp and immersive sound allowing yourself to get lost in the music (as well as a sexy astatic finish). The only downfall to the evening was the queuing systems in place for the cloak room and smoking area, but once you were on the dancefloor, all negative thoughts fled away. We hope to see more of Blackout in the capital and around the world to see where Honey Dijon can take this party experience and see what limits, if any, it has.

Catch Honey Dijon in the capital next on the 26th May 2019 – Gala 2019, Peckham Rye


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