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Reviewed: Bicep at fabric 3rd November 2019


In honour of fabric celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, the club invited the Belfast duo Bicep to return to the Farringdon based nightclub this weekend for a special extended intimate exclusive set. fabric has continually been celebrating its birthday across the autumn months with a carefully crafted line up which included the likes of headliners such as Ricardo Villalobos, Terry Francis and KiNK.


With advanced tickets selling out before the show, the night already inevitably had a big build up and to kick things off nicely to a much awaited Sunday session was Irish born DJ and producer Chris McCormick, also known as Cromby. The Berlin residing DJ has been one to watch this year, already making waves across Europe with his residency at Shine in Belfast, along-side his Panarama Bar and Boiler Room appearances. His track ‘Retribution’ which was released by the Feel my Bicep label has been named as Pete Tong‘s essential new tune for 2019.

Bicep at fabric Cromby

Cromby certainly succeeded in getting the crowd warmed up after playing a passionate four hour set to the punters in Room 1. It was hard to find space to dance as the roar of hands flew into the air as he played an energetic set whilst dropping classic bangers such as ‘Underworld – 2 months off’ into the mix.

As soon as it turned 8pm though, a flurry of eager-eyed people descended around the DJ booth ready for Bicep. The energy in the room was electric as the crowds got stuck in to the sounds that spanned techno, groove and house. The pair dropped the track ‘Long Island Sound’ by Minus one and it instantly created an ambient mood and took me far away from the fabric nightclub and to a pool-side setting in Ibiza.

Bicep at fabric

Considering it was a Sunday, the energy never left the room the whole night and the atmosphere encompassed pure passion for the duo throughout the evening. Spikes of euphoria were met when the DJs played their track ‘Rain’ and other melodic tracks such as ‘Say you want me’ by Steve Rachmond.

As the night drew to a close and throughout the crowds you could hear punters whispering about when Bicep were going to drop their infamous track ‘Glue’ and how they were only going to stay until they heard it played. Clearly keeping the crowd on their toes, the iconic duo played an extended set which needless to say, hyped the crowd up even more as they delved into another hour of eclectic tunes. The build-up of anticipation was too much for some people as they ventured off into room two to endure a new scene and vibe from the team behind ‘Love Child’ and the celebration of their first birthday.

Bicep at fabric

As the clock was just about to hit one, and the crowd was slowly but surely descending down in numbers, the duo finally played the awaited track of the night which of course received an incredible response. Uniting together, everyone flung their hands in the air as they started singing the infamous track that has been on repeat throughout the last few years. Albeit, the experience was slightly ruined with the constant sea of phones that managed to dominate the dance floor. However, it still ended the birthday celebrations with a much-needed surge of energy and was the icing on the cake for the Sunday night!

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