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Zound & Sulex release on Lost the Plot


Lost the Plot is an emerging record label and since the beginning, they’ve worked hard to shine a spotlight on up-coming talent throughout the drum & bass scene, much like us. Since their debut release in 2018, they’ve been continually raising their own benchmark, something which isn’t looking to stop any time soon, especially with the artists they’re welcoming into their roster. For their forthcoming single they’re igniting the Slovakian powers of Sulex and his newly founded collaborative project Zound, existing alongside the production heavyweight M2K. They’ve come together for a mind-bending double-sided single release, featuring the type of no-holds-barred dance music which Lost the Plot are becoming renowned for.

Lost the Plot artwork

The A-side of the single demonstrates the unforgiving talents of Zound with their fully submerging, growling roller ‘Resound’. The sizzling bass patches which are peppered throughout help to launch its dark and eerie vibe, keeping your guard up but still allowing you to embrace the bombardment of its weight. With the intimidating levels of bass in this track, it’s ready to shake the dancefloors across the globe, especially following its release onto an unsuspecting audience. This track is a clear representation of the damage that can be done by two producers like M2K and Sulex, proving that Zound is a collaborative effort which you should keep an eye on over the coming months.

The flip side has Sulex debuting his solo alias on Lost the Plot, delivering a reverberating tech slicer with his track ‘Acid’, which is our premiere today. Whether as Sulex or under the Zound name, this guy shouldn’t be taken lightly. The track takes off with the same murky and biting cinematic tones which continue the theme from the single’s starting track. As the kicks start to pulsate, you are lifted through its rafts of intricate layering. ‘Acid’ is one track that will leave you gagging for more!

These tracks showcase the reason why Lost the Plot are becoming well-known for their unforgiving, unwatered down releases. And with more to come from the producers, the label and its roster, it’s looking to be another massive year for Lost the Plot. We’re really excited about what 2020 will bring from the crew.

Check out Sulex ‘Acid’ below. The single is out now on Beatport and all other platforms from 11th November. Grab the single from here


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