Treehouse & Laloop – Ame Jimmy Edgar, Mr G, Pariah, Foxx, Angus & Perry

Club Review

Sankeys has had somewhat of a transformation in its booking policy in 2013. With the introduction of not one but two new nights to its roster,  The club has incorporated the future sounds of electronic music in the finest of fashions.

On Saturday it was in the hands of legends old and new to send the dance floor into stratospheric ecstasy. Foxx opened proceedings with a cleverly worked collection of records. The young lady proving herself as a worthy warm up selector, playing notable new material from Kris Wadsworth.

Purveyor of all things future, Jimmy Edgar followed in her wake. Moulding freaky vocal house cuts with the kind of tracks french staple, Clek Clek Boom and its shining lights, French Fries and Bambounou have been pioneering in recent years. Though it was more his mixing style that stood out. Not afraid to fully push tracks into the mix at what would seem unconventional to many, really kept the crowd on their tip toes.Up in Spektrum warm up responsibilities were given to Willow and Alex. A well acquainted pair of local DJ’s who have been on the inner circles of house music in Manchester and beyond for a while now. Man of the moment Mr G followed them, and brought with him exactly what would be expected given the style and sheer quality of the records he has been putting out of late. LALOOP residents Angus & Perry closed down the upstairs room in a manner that has gain them huge respect amongst promoters DJ’s and dancing revellers that have enjoyed any of their sets.House music heavy weight and Innervisions label boss, AME played a newly accustomed live show in the basement. Playing songs old and new and edits of melancholic indie tracks that contained so much emotion it must have brought a tear to the eye of at least a few ecstatic ravers in the crowd. His edit of Onsulade Envision was for sure the highlight of his set if not the entire night and matching this with his insane enthusiasm, proved himself to be a true role model to anyone aspiring to have a career in electronic music. Pioneering the revival of industrial UK Techno, Pariah was billed to close down the night and did so in a fashion that really took the room by storm. Starting out with some classic deep house cuts, Moloko being a noteworthy selection, he soon brought the tempo and the mood of the room into an altogether more pumping place. Playing some of the tracks that he and collaborator for their project Karenn have been know for of late.With this range of styles Treehouse and Laloops collaborations have really come into their own in 2013 and seem to only be going further in doing so throughout the rest of the year in Manchester. Who knows what the future holds for them, but it is sure to be a bright one.

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