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BangOn! NYC Warehouse of Horrors- Unannounced Warehouse Location – Brooklyn, NY

BangOn! NYC Warehouse Of Horrors

BangOn!NYC will be transforming another warehouse space into another all night Halloween spectacular which will once again feature multiple stages, brilliant production, and plenty of Halloween themed activities and entertainment.  Headliners such as Hayden James, Louis The Child, Salva, and The Juan Maclean (DJ Set) will provide an eclectic mix of tunes as well as a ton of Brooklyn natives. Plenty of fire, art, and other treats or tricks will all add to this spectacular event along with some of the most lavish and creative costumes you will ever feast your eyes on. Oh, and there will also be a Coney Island themed sideshow with a Scooby-Doo bouncy castle, popcorn, games, and flesh-suspension show? Sword-swallowers, fire-eaters, block-heads will all be present as well as a graveyard cuddle puddle for those who wish to get in touch with those who aren’t. BangOn! also has plenty of more surprises for this Halloween extravaganza so be prepared!

Time: 9:00pm to 6:00am

Line-Up: Hayden James, Louie The Child, Pumpkin, FVDM, BOGL, Zenbi, Space Race, Fungineers, Speakerbot, WC Kids, Action 52, Max Mischeif, Bentz, Gage, The Magick Report, The Golden Pony


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