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Today Glasgow, Tomorrow The World: Barrientos



I always found that, when you go down the traditional route of learning an instrument, there was an element of frustration; I didn’t just want to play the instrument, I wanted to play everything.

Yeah absolutely! I think that… well, you don’t have enough time to do all of them…

You don’t have enough arms!

I mean, my first instrument was flute, and that wasn’t very rock and roll. Then learning piano for so many years, without that I wouldn’t be able to do what I would now.

What do you think of things like Ableton Push coming out, replacing your traditional black and white keys with a flashing grid of pastel shade colours?

I love technology, I’m a technology geek and love all these plug-ins. I don’t think I can get into replacing the piano though. Fundamentally, all my writing will start from sitting in front of the wall piano I have in my house. You’re not looking at a computer at that point, not even looking at a screen, which is really nice.

And then in the studio?

Well I use Logic Pro, which is one of the first things I’d learned how to use. I then got a MacBook, which had Garageband, and I loved it. I noticed, when I was trying to get into the production side of things, a lot of people were saying that Logic was the good tool to use. After that, I just learnt everything from magazines!

That’s what a lot of people say; head to youtube, head to magazines.

Yeah, Computer Music has been my saving grace since I was 18! Outside of the plug-ins, I have a Roland SH-201. I had a SH-101 which kept detuning…

It’s amusing, you don’t think of a piece of electronics needing to have the same amount of attention as a violin, needing to be tuned.

Yeah, I just didn’t have the ability to keep it tuned, so I had to get rid of it! I love plug-ins though, all the Native Instruments, even if it is working off a preset, you can just mould it. I’m really for soft-synths.

I’m quite big on samples too, I’ve been collecting since I was 17 so I’ve got something like 600GB of samples kicking about.

That’s immense.

I know exactly where everything is, I can find a nice subby deep kick and trim it off, I know all the sounds that are there.

Sounds hand curated, rather than buying someone’s CD of sounds.

Well yeah, I’ve bought a few sample packs in the past and they sound, I dunno…

Standard, generic?

Yeah, they don’t have the energy to them. You pick up some deep house sample CD and it’s these really boring kicks and inane sounding loops. A few of my friends make their own samples and send them over, I’ve got one who does some from hitting organic objects.

Remarkably similar to the Matthew Herbert school of thought, music by accident.

Pretty much! It gives it a much more personal touch.

Which also goes back to the Chilean roots, Luciano is all about organic sounds.

Yeah, and a lot of the first records I bought were Cadenza. You can hear it in a lot of the instrumentation, the samples are raw and you can hear things like the hiss in the background.

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Photo: Richard Gaston


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