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Six reasons why Outlook Origins is going to be special


Let’s be real, the fact that Outlook is going ahead this year is, in itself, something truly special. For many, it feels like we’ve been waiting an eternity to get back to Croatia to celebrate with the Outlook crew! But things are going to be a bit different this time around with Outlook starting a new chapter: Outlook Origins.

We’re sure there are many people out there who feel anxious at the thought of leaving the site in Pula – a place where memories were made, sets were engrained in history, and friends were made for life. But here at Data Transmission, we think people will be pleasantly surprised at what’s in store for attendees of Outlook Origins at the new home in Tisno.

Taking place September 9th-13th, Outlook Origins will see the festival return to its roots for a smaller (but just as epic) celebration of the sound system culture that has defined the event since its inception in 2008. It’s undoubtedly going to be different, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be any less of an experience.

Still unsure? Here are six reasons why Outlook Origins is going to be special.

The Garden Festival Site

We know just how special Fort Punta Christo was. It’s not every day you get to party in a fort built in the 1800s… But trust us when we say The Garden Resort is a worthy successor. Situated a few hours south of Pula, The Garden isn’t steeped in the same kind of history as the previous festival site, but it certainly is magical. Once you enter The Garden, you won’t want to leave. Nestled on the edge of the sleepy town of Tisno – where the views are incredible and the locals are friendly – The Garden is just as luscious as the name suggests. With three awesome main stages (including the most picturesque beach stage where you can even rave on a jetty), it’s no surprise why The Garden has hosted festivals including Hospitality on The Beach, Love International and Defected. 

An Intimate Outlook Experience

One of the best things about the Outlook we all loved was the vast range of stages people could party at. From the famous moat, to the beautiful 2000 year-old amphitheatre hosting the opening ceremony, there were some seriously epic places to dance! Outlook Origins is going to be much smaller, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Especially during a time when we are all a bit anxious about being in crowds again, the smaller capacity means the stages will never be too rammed, and you’ll have a lot more space to dance. One of the best things about The Garden is how close you can get to your favourite artists. The size of the site means you’ll bump into them everywhere, and you’ll constantly be seeing the same faces on the dancefloor. 

Boat Parties

We all know the Pula boat parties were something special, but we can confirm the Tisno boat parties will be just as good – if not better. Imagine being able to stand so close to the DJ you can see what tune they’re cueing up next? Well, imagine no more, because the Tisno boat parties are the closest you’ll ever get to a DJ – particularly handy when you want to find out that elusive dub from your favourite artist… If you haven’t already seen, Outlook has released the full boat party schedule – and it’s an absolute whopper. From a sunset sail with Conducta’s Club Kiwi, to Fabio & Grooverider closing the charters with a Rage set throwing back to the origins of jungle and D&B, there are some special moments incoming. Don’t take our word for it though, check out the schedule below…

Barbarella’s Discotheque 

As day turns to night at Outlook, the party will definitely not be slowing down. At the end of the night, festivalgoers will be able to hop on a 15 minute coach (for free) to an after party location, which just so happens to be one of Croatia’s best rated nightclub – Barbarella’s Discotheque. An outdoor venue with a huge, iconic disco ball, this club is awesome. For those feeling a bit worse for wear, there are many vibey chill out areas where you can while away time until the sun rises. Believe us when we say the sun rising over Barbarella’s is a magical experience! Whether you’re into your dub or your drum and bass, there’s an after party line-up for you. Deep Medi, Dispatch X Sofa Sound, SubDub and Outlook Allstars will be your hosts for the four nights.

The Curator Takeovers

The festival site may have changed, but one thing that hasn’t is the insane line-up Outlook have put together – especially the curator takeovers. Whether you’re into your D&B, dub, reggae, grime or garage, there’s a takeover to excite. This year, Outlook will be welcoming labels including Navy Cut, The North Quarter, Metalheadz and White Peach Records, alongside curators such as Mungos Hifi, Calibre, D Double E, Hybrid Minds and Zed Bias.

The Opening Concert

Just like any other edition of Outlook, Origins will still feature the famed opening concert that ignites the festival action. Taking place on the Thursday, this opening concert is a tradition not to be missed with Chase & Status & MC Rage, Shy FX & Dynamite MC and Children of Zeus all performing. We know what you’re thinking though… How can the venue compete with the 2000 year-old amphitheatre of Fort Punta Christo? Luckily, one of the great things about Croatia is it being a country rich with historic monuments ideal for such a celebration, and the latest location is no exception. Taking place at St. Michael’s Fortress in Šibinek (a 30 minute commute from Tisno), this middle-aged venue is situated high on a hill with breath taking views of Šibinek and its surroundings. Expect a mega opening celebration where you can’t help but pinch yourself at the scenes and the soundtrack.

St. Michael’s Fortress

We could give you so many more reasons to attend Outlook Origins, but we feel these six should be enough to explain why the festival is going to be a special one. See you in the dance!

Final remaining tickets can be found here


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