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Here’s Why You Need To Visit Croatia This Summer


It’s been the worst year for clubs, festivals and travel that we’ve ever had, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Clubs and festivals are set to re-open and all that money we’ve saved by not going out is ready to be spent on the holiday experience of a lifetime! But where to go? We love clubbing, we love beaches, we love festivals, we love incredible locations and experiences, so perhaps… Ibiza? Well, we love not spending £10 on a bottle of water, so how about…Croatia!

You’ve probably heard of Croatia as an Ibiza alternative but you probably don’t know everything this amazing place has to offer so here’s a list of reasons why you should book your tickets and start packing your bags. 

Beautiful Beaches and Secluded Bays

We hope this summer is set to be the time to catch up on lost party time, but we’ll also need to relax after the stress of the last year. Croatia has a stunning coastline and an abundance of incredible beaches, all with crystal clear water – perfect for kicking back and pressing reset.

One of the most famous is Zlatni Rat, also known as the Golden Cape, with an ever-changing tip of beach which juts out into the sea. It’s a protected area which attracts people from all over the world. Alternatively you could escape the crowds and sail from Hvar to look for a hidden gem like Stiniva Bay, only accessible by boat! Which leads us on to the next reason to visit Croatia….

The Yacht Week

If you love dance music and parties but also want to enjoy the rest that Croatia has to offer then check out The Yacht Week. This is a proper bucket-list experience, on a yacht with your mates, joining a flotilla of like-minded party people for a week of sailing, exploring, wellness, delicious local food and loads more. You can stop at the island of Vis and all hire Vespas, or pile into a convertible to go exploring in Bol. You can hike to the ancient castle in Hvar or join a morning fitness session.

And did we mention party every night? Dockside disco, the open air Club 585, daytime parties at Carpe Diem club, pool parties… You might need a a bit of ‘me time’ to recover so you can just chill on the yacht deck and soak up the sun, or find a beach to relax. The yacht skipper can also take you to secluded natural bays for a swim to refresh before it’s time to have fun again. Best of all, you can get a place on a yacht for a week from just £472 per person.

Circle Raft Parties

There’s one party that deserves a section all of its own. The Yacht Week’s circle raft parties. Imagine you and your mates are on a yacht, sailing the paradise Croatian coastline. Then imagine you’re part of a flotilla of yachts, full of people like you and your mates. Finally, imagine all the yachts join together in a big circle out at sea, with the Buzz Boat – a floating DJ stage with VOID Acoustic soundsystem, headline DJs (they’ve had ClaptoneGorgon City, Mark Knight and loads more), and a load of blow up floaties so you can bob on the waves as you enjoy a cold drink and some massive tunes.

It’s worth the trip to Croatia just for this experience!

Game Of Thrones Vibes

Dubrovnik has to be one of the world’s most beautiful cities and the Old City is a certified UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s known as ‘the pearl of the Adriatic’ and deserves the title. Dubrovnik’s stunning city walls became ‘Kings Landing’ in Game Of Thrones but it wasn’t the only place in Croatia which delivers the fantasy medieval look.

The Fortress of Klis in Split became the City of Mereen in the hit TV show, and Trsteno Arboretum was the setting for the Garden of Red Keep. Croatia is known for its rich history and culture and it has the architecture to match. A wander around the cobbled streets of Dubrovnik is a must for any Croatia trip.

Croatian Cuisine

The first nice surprise about Croatian cuisine is that, compared to the White Isle, Croatian food and drink is super cheap. Prices are rising a bit as more people discover what the place has to offer but you can still get a beer for less than £2 and a decent meal for a fiver. In terms of dishes to try, there is a strong Mediterranean influence mixed with Eastern European food.

Along the coast seafood is spectacular with locally sourced mussels, oysters, prawns, octopus, squid, and various fish dishes. Look out for Peka which is usually lamb or octopus cooked under a bell-shaped lid placed on hot coals with more hot coals placed on top.

As you’d expect there are plenty of stews available. Try Pasticada, a delicious beef stew, commonly served in Dalmatia and served with Gnocchi.

For the veggies, there is Fritaja, a kind of omelette specially made with asparagus and a range of vegetables and herbs. Marta’s Veggie Fusion in Split caters for vegan diets and there are plenty more vegan and vegetarian restaurants springing up.

If you’ve still got room for a cheeky desert, try a slice of Kremsnita – a custard and vanilla cake! The best Kremsnita is supposed to be found in Samobor, a little town near Zagreb.


Who doesn’t love a good festival? Croatia’s got a load of them. The Garden Tisno is active across the summer hosting huge events from DefectedLove InternationalDekmantelDimensionsOutlook Festival and even Hospitality On The Beach for the Drum & Bass crew.

Zrce Beach is also a must visit for festivals with Fresh Island Week bringing the hip-hop or the long established Sonus Festival dropping quality techno.

Two of the biggies are Hideout Festival  celebrating its tenth edition in 2021, and Ultra Europe into its eighth year and guaranteed the biggest names.

And this is another reason why we love The Yacht Week – they actually run a Hideout Route and an Ultra Route so you and your mates can get on a yacht and enjoy an incredible week, but also included are VIP tickets to the festivals! If there’s a better way to travel to a festival we’ve never seen it.

Check out www.visit-croatia.co.uk for more details

Also check out The Yacht Week at www.theyachtweek.com


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