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Reviewed: The Prodigy at the O2 Victoria Warehouse


The Prodigy are widely regarded as one of the most influential acts in electronic music and have since paved the way for the different sounds we hear across the spectrum today.

As soon as the group announced they were going back on the road to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their iconic ‘The Fat of the Land’ album, demand for tickets skyrocketed with the entire tour selling out.

The Prodigy have always been one of the most talented when it comes to using their respective instruments to put on a show. The same could also be said of the support act, and long-time friend of DT, Jaguar Skills, who often appears to be some kind of master sorcerer with the magic he conjures up behind turntables.

The masked DJ did a brilliant job of warming up the crowd for what was to come, weaving in and out of tracks from multiple genres in the most insane manner – The moment where he dropped ‘Killing in the Name’ by Rage Against The Machine evoked sheer the biggest smiles on everyone’s face.

The Prodigy

Being able to witness such talent on the decks was a joy to behold and it really did feel like the most appropriate precursor with the main act proving to be some of the most talented performers the UK has ever produced.

One of the stand-out features behind any performance from The Prodigy in the past has been the energy and passion that their late frontman, Keith Flint, has demonstrated.

The magnificent charisma Keith always possessed on centre stage was a big component and of course, that was always going to be hard to recapture but the remaining members did a fantastic job of bringing the heat in their own way.

The UK was gripped by record temperatures at the start of last week and the group helped fans with a kind gesture of providing free water at the venue. This proved to be essential with how energetic the crowd became as soon as seminal records like ‘Firestarter’ and ‘Omen’ were heard.

Throughout the performance there was a constant reminder of Flint with a grandiose display of him created with a vast assembly of lasers – This was a bliss feature of their show.

Laser tribute to Keith Flint

The current band members proved to be incredible at showcasing their many big beat bangers, often inciting the most exhilarating mosh pits. This energy was a staple of their performance and it was hard to spot someone who didn’t have their hands raised with joy for the entirety of the show.

With so many anthemic records on offer, it was exciting to imagine what their future tracks will sound like – the group have teased there is a new album in the works.

This performance proved to be just another reminder that the group are still as brilliant as ever and the memory of their late frontman will forever live on whenever the act takes to the stage. If you love electronic music that oozes edginess then make it a priority to see this insane band next time the opportunity presents itself.

The Prodigy

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