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Omer Grinker – Underwater EP

Data Transmission March 7, 2013


Label: Paralell
Score: 9/10

Every now and then a producer with a rich understanding of music arrives on the scene and takes your breath away. And when it comes to electronica, I can state with some assurance that Israeli newcomer Omer Grinker is the most exciting musician I’ve encountered since Nico Jaar.

Tactful tricks and a loss of innocence seem to be the prevalent ideas behind “Make Sense”. The delicately poised spoken word interchange between father and daughter does little to dispel this notion, while the bottle-top percussion and merging synths only add to the sense of abounding dread. Captivating and multi-layered, I’ll be playing this one out for some time yet.

Seen or Not Seen” on the other hand, is more lackadaisical than it is ominous, though it too showcases myriad elements and sews them together with sumptuous ease.

The title record is the last of the three originals. Barely breaking from its pitched-back stride and with a heavy emphasis on a display of twinkling keys, it’s another sophisticated addition to the camp. Parallel label heads, the Monkey Brothers, add their own twist to the record, a remix that instantly breaks with the slow momentum favoured elsewhere. Clap-heavy and with an anologue-sounding bassline at its core, it too finds space for various unconventional strands. In all, this is an EP that’s wonderfully executed and a much welcome break from the monotony. Expert stuff.

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