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Nicola Cruz – Noise Within Us


nhico.jpgLabel: MEXARelease: Out Now

There must be something in the water in Mexico right now. How else to explain the sudden emergence of the country as a hotbed of electronic music talent? Whatever the reason, what’s not for debate is the quality that seems to pervade through these the productions that these guys are putting their hand to. And you could do well worse than search out MEXA Records latest for a fitting insight into why the country’s producers are so highly revered these days.

It’s up-and-coming producer Nicola Cruz who provides this time, even though this entire works sounds like it’s been constructed by someone who’s spent years in the game. Even if Cruz has, he’s certainly done so in the background, but the Noise Within US EP might yet prove to be the collection of tracks that drags him out from the underground.

Much of that is attributable to the spooky, sense-heightening title track; one that’s arrived almost not coincidentally, in time for the halloween season. The memories of summer have been long since jettisoned, but even so, this is the type of battle weapon that’ll keep the floor warm as the winter climes rear their ugly heads. ”What You Mean to Me” is just as inviting, and while it might seem to lack a strident path at times, that, we gather, is its exact appeal.

The frantic relentless drums are the glue that holds everything in place on ”Part of Them”. If there was a track begging not to be ignored for the sheer madness that’s involved, then this one is surely it. ”La Llorona” closes. A sensitive, beautiful track, it’s also, we’re led to believe, available as a free download. Classy stuff from a man for whom we get the feeling we haven’t heard the last of yet.  


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