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The Next Big Thing – A Word With J. Wiltshire



If I were to say to you I think J. Wiltshire is an outstanding young talent you be forgiven for thinking I was talking about a certain gifted young footballer. However it’s not the Arsenal and England international footballer of whom I refer but to Jacob Wiltshire, the new Hypercolour signing and youngster taking British electronica by storm. Still at college, part of a band and alongside friend and cohort Bareskin producing some of the freshest house and techno these isles have seen in a fair while. So we decided to grab a word  with Mr. Wiltshire about influences, creative processes and gigs in space!

 If I could take you back to the beginning and ask you what first drew you to electronic music?

Listening to Radiohead probably first got me into electronic music. I used to listen to a lot of bands and hearing Kid A and Amnesiac was really  exciting for me, it made me want to put down the guitar for a bit!

What were/are your influences?

My main influences in music would probably be Elliott Smith, Radiohead, Burial, Four Tet, Boards of Canada… But I also have found that meeting people has given me a lot of influence, you can get really inspired by listening to someone talk about their experiences in music.

Where was your first gig?

At a club night in Southampton called Cult.

Could you tell us about the processes that you go through when creating new music? Is there a formula you adhere to or a looser organic process?

 I don’t really have any set processes, I always find that if I try to make  something the same way I did before it doesn’t work out. Before this, I was writing songs just with a guitar and words for so long, so doing this is really different. But it’s also a lot of fun!

How do you feel the rise of digital software has help breed a new generation of young producers such as yourself?

I think it’s great that it’s so accessible, it allows you to be creative and get stuck in straight away.

You’re now signed to hypercolour, how did that come about?

I make a lot of music with my friend Josh Thompson (Bareskin), and we made the track Night Squad for his Eyes EP. After that I just sent some tracks of my own on and they offered to release them. I’m really into a lot of the music that comes out on Hypercolour so it’s great to be releasing with them.

There are some great names on their roster are their any potential collaborations with any label mates in the pipeline or anyone else?

I’ve sung on a track that Josh and Alex Jones made which is going to come out at some point, and I’m working on a lot of stuff with my band Wire People which is pretty exciting

What do you do to relax?

 I’m not really ever relaxed, I’m always doing something and I don’t really have a relaxing activity. I suppose the most relaxing thing I do is making music in some form.

If you could play a gig literally anywhere, where would you want to play?

Probably in space.

Do you have any projects outside of music you could tell us about?

I don’t have any other projects, I’m still at college so that’s the only other thing that I’m doing at the moment!

So, what does the future hold for J Wiltshire?

Well, I’ve got an EP with Josh coming out on Initials under the name Blue & Green. I’m also gonna be working on a lot of music with Wire People, and seeing how that all goes. 


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