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Nathan G – Duplicity EP

Data Transmission February 6, 2013

nathan-g-duplicity-ep.jpgLabel: Large Music Score: 7/10 This esteemed Chicago label has released some of the Windy City’s house music greats in its time, Luvbug label honcho Nathan G carrying the illustrious torch with aplomb on two tracks of a cool garage persuasion. Recently relocated to Berlin, while hailing from Melbourne, Nathan hit big last year with his The Glow album and Future Proof EP series, both on Large, whose acceptance alone is seal of approval enough. It‘s good to see the garage form, once in danger of blanding into cliché, getting booted into the 21st century [and seeing once startlingly house music being rediscovered like they do in rock ‘n‘ roll!]. ‘Fall For Me’ rides a nagging organ and skipping groove, draped in haunted strings nodding to early Detroit, while ‘Up Again’ is a bongo-splattered, bass-driven bubbler, topped with female ‘get up’ loop, deep house strings and rectum-booting stabs.  Matured, knowledgeable and guaranteed certain floor action. 

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