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My Musical Influences: GLXY


UK Drum & Bass duo GLXY have been creating a real buzz with their soul-drenched style of production. With both Tom and Jonathan having a background in music (clearly displaying itself in their music), the duo initially began working together during their time at the University of Leicester.

Signing exclusively to Shogun Audio in 2017, their single ‘Lucid’ grabbed the attention of BBC Radio 1 legend, Annie Mac, after receiving its radio premiere from René LaVice on the Drum and Bass show – he dubbed the track as a ‘baby maker’ which sums up the luscious inviting tones in their production. Following up on their first Shogun release, the duo continued to deliver with ‘Vision’ EP and ‘Chiral’ EP both of which clearly document their richly melodic tones and ability to work alongside amazing vocalists such as DRS and Solah. 

Previously gracing stages at the likes of Bestival, Liquicity and Let It Roll, the duo’s selection on the wheels of steel are just as enticing as their production.

Shogun Audio recently presented GLXY’s new release in the shape of their ‘Method’ EP. Almost a year to the day from their debut album ‘Research & Development’, GLXY come correct with a 6 track EP showcasing the full spectrum of their sound – ranging from mellow liquid soul to a darker, rolling bubbler and vibey 2-step garage. To go alongside this release the GLXY guys agreed to create a chart of some of their favourite records which have shaped the way they produce and enjoy music.


Gang Starr ‘Above The Clouds’

My favourite hip hop tune of all time! Hip hop is my first love and still, my most listened to genre. In terms of the track, it’s the perfect combination of amazing production and amazing lyrics. Being able to find and manipulate the perfect sample, for me, has definitely come from my love of hip hop.

Calibre ‘No Reply’ 

In my eyes, Calibre is the best producer of all time within Drum & Bass, and this tune really sums up what I love about him, stripped back, musical, pensive and soulful.

Jimi Hendrix ‘Little Wing’ 

I’ve played guitar since I was 6 and Jimi was by far my biggest hero in terms of guitarists, he was pretty unconventional and did things 100% his own way which is something I have tried to carry into my own music making. 

MJ Cole ‘Sincere’ 

Garage was the first “electronic” genre i was introduced to by my older sister. MJ is definitely near the top of the tree for me in the way he combines groove and soul into his productions. 

Break ‘Slow Down’ 

Break is the other “best producer in the game” for me, the combination of groove, punch, funk and technical ability is pretty much unmatched. This track was the first one i really remember falling in love with from him. Sparse use of a really powerful vocal sample combined with ridiculous drum work. Definitely set the bar very high.


Technicolour ‘Centrifuge’

Probably not an obvious choice for a top selects playlist, but I think the use of sampling on this tune is a masterclass and a big inspiration into how we crafted our sound. Go find the original guitar sample and you’ll see what I mean!

Calibre ‘Space Time’

Find me a Drum & Bass producer who doesn’t think Calibre is God! Everything about his music carries so much emotion even though it is often very simple. This tune does that so well, and the vibe is infectious throughout.

John Hopkins ‘Open Eye Signal’

Probably my number one tune of all time. I listen to a lot of electronic music and can often just about figure out how it was made, this one I have no clue. The movement on the synth line throughout and how it progresses and builds to the dark and gritty outro makes it a real journey tune.

Joe Armon Jones ‘Starting Today’

Joe has been killing it for a good while now and is the go-to keys player for a lot of UK jazz artists out there now, but I’ve always loved the composition on his solo stuff. The way this track bubbles to the big sax and brass section has earned it a spot in the top 5.

Mr Jukes ‘Grant Green’

Pure feel good tune. Saw these guys perform this live at Bestival and it was wicked, real memories of summers past whenever this comes on shuffle!

GLXY dropped their ‘Method’ EP on Shogun on 23rd April, grab it below!


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