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Newcastle based indie-pop band Mausi have been slowly building up a reputation for themselves over the last couple of years.The fourpiece is fronted by Milan born siblings Daisy and Thomas with Ben and Benji on guitars & drums respectively. Their debut single ‘Sol’ was originally put up on the internet as a little bit of fun and it quickly caught the attention of the trendy All Things Go label in the US, leading to a vinyl release that won plaudits from the likes of Radio 1, NME and The Guardian.

They’ve kicked off the start of the year with some serious intentions, their latest single ‘Move’ has once again generated a fair bit of attention for the band, we caught up with them before their show last week at London’s XOYO.

For those who don’t know, how did Mausi form and how long have you guys been together?We’d all been in bands at one time or another and basically just found each other, then we all started playing together. It all started from there really. It all started around two or three years ago. However, we only started writing music like this and playing together properly around a year ago.

It all seemed to clicked when we wrote ‘Sol’. It was very exciting and we definetly knew we had something then. We were originally quite guitar-driven at the start, because of the other bands around Newcastle at the time. It was only when we started to tone those elements down a little and started throwing in a more continental flavour that we found more inspiration.

With Sol, it originally appeared online for free. Was this intentional? Yeah, it was. We had a plan with it really. We wanted to show something encapsulated the image of the band. We always had the image before we choose the song that we used. We had two or three other tracks, however, we really wanted to get across the image of what we were. It was really good and it did work. And what made it better was that it was the only thing that we had put out. You couldn’t listen to any of our songs, it really gave us a bigger impact.

People were really intrigued by it and it started to grow quite quickly. We didn’t really push it, it happened naturally. It became our calling card. And two days after we uploaded the video to youtube, a label from America offered to put it out on vinyl.

Were there any other opportunites that came up after that?Yeah, there were. For some reason we always get alot of love from the US. We got invited to do a bunch of shows over there. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite the right time for us to do something like that. It does make us confident though, when we do get over there we will have a good starting point.

So, lets talk about your new single. ‘Move’.It’s basically an all-out happy pop song. It’s the type of track you can just loose yourself in. ‘Sol’ showed one side of us and ‘Move’ is another side. We really like the more dance orientated side of pop and this is one of those tracks. It’s more of a party song. We were keen not to repeat ourselves and show we aren’t one-trick ponies.

What artists have influenced you, if any? Were there any artists that you’d like to be seen in the same area of?Yeah. Definitely. We are very inspired by artists like Phoenix, Poney Poney Run Run and Poolside. Those french pop-bands, they make really well made pop music. It’s always been the music that we love. We feel like there are enough depressing pop bands out there at the moment. No XX-esque turns from you then?Uh, well, actually. We have recorded a few darker things, a bit slower in pace. It’s just finding the right time, place and way to release them in. We want to show a more upbeat side of our personality first.

In a dream-scenario who would you love to work with?Philippe Zdar! Uh, Kanye West? Breakbot… hmm.. maybe Danger Mouse. Haha.

What shows have you got coming up?We have a show in Newcastle on the 17th at The Sage. It’s going to be awesome, it might be the biggest show we have headlined so far. It’s a really nice venue, it’s an Opera House in Newcastle, we are looking forward to how good it’s going to sound in that enviroment. We have a few other things planned, we just aren’t sure if we can talk about them yet.

How would you say the live show differs from your studio recordings?Well. More energy for starters. You have to put that into it. We have certain extended versions of songs for live, it’s less electronic and we try to keep the use of technology to a minimum. The parts are organic, although we sometimes sample them, we do play them all ourselves though. We also have a video synced to show, we are very excited to show that off.

Do you ever get nervous before a live show?We used to. But, weirdly we don’t now. We really enjoy it. If anything goes wrong, we have sections where we can improvise and cover it. We are fully prepared.And finally, what have you go coming next? New single or album?We are planning to have enough material properly recorded for March, we really want to have something out for the Summer as that’s the perfect time for our music. We hope to follow-up the single shortly too. We just have to choose the right track and make the decision on that.

Mausi ‘Move‘ is out now on iTunes.

You can follow them on facebook and we’d recommend a listen of their J’aime la Musique Relaxe mixtape which you can download below.

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