Kris Menace feat. Robert Owens – Trusting Me (Le Crayon Remix)

Free Music

Deep house is very much in vogue right now. Not that it ever went out of fashion for us and so with that in mind it’s our absolute pleasure at DT to brighten your Wednesday m evening with the unveiling and of Le Crayon’s reimagining of the new collaborative single  ‘Trusting Me’  by Kris Menace featuring House legend Robert Owens off of the acclaimed vocal album ‘Features’ for a free download.

When quizzed on the collaborative effort and the process which led to this team being formed Robert gushed about his new found friendship with Mr. menace leading many to speculate that further work as a pairing may be on the cards.  “Before meeting Kris I felt a warmth listening to his music. I imagined a beautiful person inside and out. Meeting him confirmed my belief and I have to say this is what you’ll find upon listening to his album”

We’d love that to be case as we’ve enjoyed the original immensely but also have a lot of love for Kitsune’s Le Crayon’s  re-edit which captures the spirit of harmony that lies within ‘Trusting Me’ whilst giving it a fresh twist. Top work.

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