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In Conversation With: Mollie Collins


Starting her DJ career in 2015, Mollie Collins was awarded Best Breakthrough DJ in 2017. She also became the Kiss FM D&B presenter in 2018.

Mollie has excelled from “just a DJ” to a producer with massive commercial bangers such as ‘Lost & Found’, ‘Better On My Own‘, ‘Wondering‘ and many more. As well as launching her own label Right Good Records in 2019 as a home for her music and others. She also won her second award in 2020 – ‘Best Female Artist’ for the very first time after just 5 years into her career. It’s safe to say Mollie started a mission way back in 2015 and has grown massively over the years, opening doors and pushing barriers constantly…….who knows what’s yet to come!

We’ve been HUGE fans of Mollie since the beginning and have followed and supported wherever we can. The last time we saw her was at Nozstock in 2018 so, we thought it was his time we had a quick catch up to see what she’s got bubbling away behind the scenes…

Hey Mollie, thanks for chatting with us here today. For readers who aren’t familiar with you, would you be able to explain a little bit about yourself and how you got to where you are? What are your biggest achievements?

Yo! What’s up DT gang! It’s been a long time! So, if you don’t know about me, I started DJing in 2015. I then started production and released my first single in 2019. We are many singles deep now and released an album last year! I also present Kiss D&B on Kiss Fresh and Kiss FM on Saturday nights. I have had a great career…so far, and I have won 2 awards, Best Newcomer DJ in 2017 and most recently Best Female Artist in 2020. I have also played at some wicked shows and festivals as well as Radio sets.

Tell us about your show on Kiss. When can people listen to this? How long have you been there?

Yeah of course! So if you want to listen to Kiss with me you can on Kiss Fresh at 10 pm on a Saturday night which is a 1-hour show, or KISS FM on Saturday nights at 1 am, this one’s a 2-hour show! I have been at kiss for a couple of years now, I started on Kiss Fresh and at the end of 2020 and started on Kiss FM also. You can listen to the show on the Kiss APP or kissfmuk.com or of course on the radio haha!

If you were to compare your sound to anyone, who would it be? Who do you take inspiration from?

My sound is a weird one because I don’t really have a sound that I stick to. I make a lot of musical tunes and they 99.9% have Piano in them so I guess my sound is the piano! I guess I take inspiration from anyone who makes musical music, with instruments more than actual synth sounds so maybe Sigma or Fresh, their music is always musically involved.

You’re known for championing females in the Drum & Bass circuit, can you explain to us any challenges you have faced and what you are doing to help this?

At the early stages of my career I feel like it was more challenging being a female entering a male dominated Scene but where we are at now in 2021 the large mass of female artists coming through for the right reasons is wicked. More and more females are on line ups and killing it! So, I would just say to any female coming through, perfect your craft and we are definitely at a time now where females are more accepted, as it should be. You have to have a strong back bone in any music genre, but especially in Drum & Bass…It can be brutal at times.

You also have your own label, Right Good Records, tell us about this? Who has released on it? What’s next for the label? Who would be your dream signing?

Right Good Records is basically a home for my music but also a place for people that may need that extra push before moving onto a bigger label. We have had some wicked releases, Kleu, Gino, H.O.R.I.Z.O.N. The good thing about the label is that we are not stuck in one sub-genre or a genre, we’re open-minded to just releasing a good track. 

You’ve just released your track ‘Count On Me ft. Leah Guest’ on the label. What inspired this?

Yes soooo ‘Count On Me’ with my long time collaborator Leah Guest, that’s our third single together and I’m sure there will be many more. Leah is awesome! She sent me a song idea she wrote and then I sort of built the track around it and then got Leah to come down to the studio and we finished it off. She smashes every tune but this was the first time she sent me lyrics first rather than me send a beat first for her to write to and it worked really well.

Before lockdown you were also known for live performances. It probably feels like a distant memory now, but if you could go back to any show what would it be and why?

It really does feel like a lifetime ago! I obviously miss the normal festivals and touring in the UK that I would be doing but I also miss the regular appearances from myself at Warning in Cambridge. I was there pretty much every event they put on and it’s like a little residency gig whenever I go and play for Pete and the gang. Real family vibes!

How has lockdown been for you? Any tips for keeping positive and creative for our readers?

It started off a bit rough and boring, but tbh I just put all of my focus into music, I made my first album in lockdown 1, this time I’ve written so much new music and I’ve also been concentrating on my Kiss show. I’m actually really busy with music/radio and everything else, even though I’m not out DJing I’m still mega busy at the moment, which is wicked! I find exercise/focusing on a hobby or craft and just trying to focus your brain on something you enjoy rather than getting sucked into all the negativity and sadness in this crazy time. Because we do all go through it even me, it’s just channelling your thoughts to the good things!

What would be the first thing you would do post-lockdown?

I guess it depends if we are fully out of lockdown or will we be in some mad ‘you can do this, but can’t do that’ sort of vibe but I think I’m just going to have as much fun as possible because its something we haven’t been able to do much for this last year. Get me in them clubs!!!

What else does the future hold for Mollie Collins?

So I have a release coming soon on a major label! It’s my first ever major label signing on a tune and I’m buzzing about it. Not sure if I can say which label yet but it is a biggy!! We actually have a release schedule planned for this year (as I have loads of music finished) which is wicked as usually I will work on a tune and then release it but I’m happy to have a catalogue of tunes ready to be released across the whole year whilst still working on more! Lots of cool radio stuff and yeah man lots of gigging when we can. This year will be some of my best music released to date and I can’t wait for you all to hear it! 🙂

We can’t wait either Mollie!! Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us today. Good luck with everything and keep us posted on your projects!

Thanks DT fam!

Mollie Collins ft Leah Guest ‘Count On Me’ dropped on Right Good Records on 5th February. Check it out below and grab yourself a copy!


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