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Mollie Collins kicks off her Right Good Records imprint


Since the age of 15, Mollie Collins has immersed herself into the dnb rave scene. At 18 she exchanged her standard 9-5 to work every aspect she could in nightclubs. She’s done every job from street team trooper to party promoter.

That list now boasts some of the most critical contributors to bass culture across Europe: fabric, Printworks, Warning, Invaderz, Breakin Science, Eskimo Dance, One Nation, DNB Street, Innovation and festivals such as Color, X Music, One Dance, CT, Jeudgfresten and many more.

The heights that Mollie has reached over recent years is testament to the hard work and dedication she’s put into not just her illustrious DJ career, but also her own studio productions, which she’s spent months refining. The announcement of her Right Good Records imprint was another step forward for the radio presenter and producer. She’s already shown her on-point record selections throughout her time playing at clubs across the globe and through her show on the KISS FM airwaves, so for her to show an A&R flex as a label owner made perfect sense. With an array of tracks waiting to be released, she’s chosen her own work to launch the imprint with and it’s evidence of how imperative she’s becoming as a figure within drum & bass, due to her versatility and support of the wider scene.

Today we premiere ‘Better on My Own’ which brings vocalist Bella Penfold into the mix, most known through her part in X Factor’s quarter-finals. Her addition to the drum & bass track from Mollie helps give it a soulful overture. We expect this to be heard across the globe during this year summer festivals, its a really uplifting, feel good track!

‘Better On My Own’ is out on 3rd May, check it out below and grab a copy here