Gerwin / Nuage – Lying Portraits

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GerwinLABEL: IM:LtdSCORE: 8/10French label IM:LTD is now four years old, and they show no signs of slowing down in their quest to release some of the best and most soulful drum and bass out there. The latest single from production super duo Gerwin and Nuage is a perfect start to your winter. Hailing from Russia and France respectively the two young producers teamed up with London based MC 2 Shy for the A. Side of the latest release entitled “Lying Portraits“.  Burialesque vocal samples drift in and out of the soundscape as the listener is treated to alternating moments of beautiful calm and bruk out badness.  The flute’s make this one for me and 2Shy’s London vocals complement the track perfectly.  Onto the B. Side, produced by Gerwin on his own,  and “Soul Truth” kicks off with an oriental twist before warming up into an edgy twisting tune sprinkled with the odd vocal. As well as this single, IM:LTD have released a four year compilation entitled “Rise Of The Underdogs” to celebrate four years in the game, which offers a compact insight into the labels sound and personality. 

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