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Frisky Disco Reveals This Season’s Key Tunes On The Yacht Week


The Yacht Week was one of the few travel operators who managed to safely run a successful season this year, taking flotillas of yachts out to the Croatian and Greek islands, for groups of friends to enjoy a serious travel adventure full of sailing, activities, exploration and of course, parties. One of the stats released by The Yacht Week at the end of the season was the fact that guests had enjoyed 314 DJ sets, at a range of different parties, from tunes blasting out at sea on the Buzz Boat (floating DJ stage), to the Dockside Disco, to the Riviera Chic beach club parties and more. The Yacht Week got everyone dancing and gave friends a chance to properly reconnect with each other after so long in isolation. 

With The Yacht Week about to open bookings for 2022, we caught up with their Head of Entertainment, Tom Morrey (a.k.a Frisky Disco)  to give us the lowdown on the tracks which have been the favourites this season – delivering exactly what was required at the right time. 

Shouse – Love Tonight

Undoubtedly the biggest song of the summer for the Yacht Week was Love Tonight from Australian producers Shouse. This little nugget was released in 2017 but really took off during the 2021 summer and was a highlight of our Riviera Chic parties at Carpe Diem Beach, Hvar (Croatia) or Ermioni (Greece). I mean, who DOESN’T love a power-vocal and jumping around in the crowd to get the night going?

Fred Again… – Marea (We’ve Lost Dancing)

Upbeat percussion, tight synth work, airy swells and crackly, ethereal vocals tie this quirky little house number together beautifully, making it appropriate for almost any time of the night. Featuring heavily during our on water daytime events – the Circle and Tunnel rafts – our DJs found ‘Marea’ was just one of those tunes that had everyone moving, no matter where they are from.

Fisher – Just Feels Tight

Another Australian artist for the list (no bias, I promise that I consulted a few people when putting this together!), Fisher has been a staple of the international circuit for the last few years. ‘Just Feels Tight’ brings every bit of sweaty, club stomping, bass loving energy that his prior releases and cranks it up another notch. The lead is reminiscent of earlier Melbourne Bounce and is right at home buzzing around atop Fisher’s signature bassline at our event at Club 585 in Bol.

Mighty Mouse – Midnight Mouse (Revised)

A banging ABBA sample with a modern disco house spin? Sounds like a fairly standard affair but Defected-regular Mighty Mouse makes this classic his own by crafting a jerky, swinging bassline building up to a huge vocal break that will have any crowd going ballistic. 

Our Dockside Disco event at Fort George in Vis is a night for the ages and there were any number of records that could have made this list. This particular interpretation is a favourite of mine and features heavily when the sequins and soul come out to play!

Folamour – Petit Prince du Macadam

You tend to spend a lot of time on the water when on TYW so having some tunes on hand to roll back the energy levels is always appreciated by the rest of the crew. While FKJ, Franc Moody and Maribou State all feature heavily for me Folamour’s 2017 album, particularly ‘Petit Prince du Macadam’ takes the cake.

For ‘Petit Prince du Macadam’ Folamour incorporates laid back jazz and funk vibes into a half-step beat that rolls around while vocals and instrumental solos play around on top. The entire album is absolutely outstanding but this track in particular is perfect for afternoon swim stops and lunch on the water in between islands.

The Yacht Week Opens Bookings for 2022 on 16th September. To see if life really is better at sea, sign up here and get access one hour early to grab the best yachts at the best prices: https://www.theyachtweek.com/sign-up-2022

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