Evans & Waterfall – 0.01

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DilateLABEL: Dillate RecordsSCORE: 8/10With so many labels constantly cropping up in electronic music, unearthing a new one of a certain quality tends to yield particularly uninspiring results. Occasionally however, you do dig up one that’s worth shouting about – as is the case with Daniel Evans’ recently established Dilate imprint.   Mind you, each and every protagonist involved on the subtly titled “0.01” has previous form. Evans for instance, tends to produce alongside his some-time studio partner, Waterfall, just as he does here. Having already turned up on a raft of well respected imprints a la Area Remote, Loco Records and Fear of Flying, fans of the duo can be appeased through their latest endeavour then, with the original a craftily produced slice of arm and sensible house that’s characterised by its portentous omens.   Culprit bosses Droog prove a worthy recruitment in more than name only too, with their remix practically glowing with sultry vibes and the antithesis to what’s arrived before. Birmingham’s Adam Shelton emphasises his standing of a remixer of some repute, as he signs off the package with an interpretation that – like his best work – is brimming with frenzied overtones and tailored to the floor. 

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