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At the moment I doubt you have that much time to relax but when you do get a chance what do you like to do?

I watch a lot of TV shows, I just download TV series and just watch them from beginning to end, things like the Sopranos, Modern Family, The Killing,  it takea up a lot of my time…. very, very boring really. I like to work out a bit, that de-stresses me. Although I can’t do that at the moment because I got whiplash from an accident where someone crashed into the back of my car. I haven’t been able to exercise for three or so months, which is not good because my stomach is going outwards which sucks. I’m also a big football fan and I support Norwich City, it’s very strange in the music industry because I ask people if they are into any sport and they’re always like “No!” but I enjoy it and watch the football on the weekend. Now that I live out in America, people refer to it as soccer. Kinda annoying. I’m starting to get a little into some of the sports over here though like basketball. The ice hockey is pretty cool as well. 

Do you think that is it for you now? Will you settle down in America or do you think there is a chance of you coming back over to the Europe?

Well being married, it would all depend on my family now. I have a lot of work over here at the minute. I have my album on the way and when that is done, I will be touring. I also enjoy being involved heavily in my record label Rising Music and helping to develop the careers of my artists TJR and Nom De Strip.  So for the foreseeable future I am here in America but I’m coming back to Europe all the time, I’m still European! My ideals etc are all still European. Occasionally I say water (in American accent) because it’s the only way I can get some people to understand me. Chris: “Can I get a glass of water please?” Waitress: “excuse me sir?” Chris: “water” (in an American accent). Also when I call up American airlines to book flights they have an automated service. The only way that it can understand me is if I put on this obnoxious American accent. That is the amount of conformance that I have so far, it would kill me if I woke up one day and that was how I started to speak. 

So what does the present and the future hold for Chris Lake? 

I’m doing my album with Ultra and my attitude to my own music has completely changed. I make it then I hand it over to other people who can work out what to do with it. I have just started making so much music and so much different music. I know I have released a lot of different records in the past and it may be confusing as to what I am about because other people bring out the same sort of thing all the time.  I like so many different genres and I have made so many different tracks, I don’t know how they are all going come out! So that is why now I hand them over to management and they can work out what to do.  So there should be an album coming out pretty soon and the next single I have coming out has turned out really well and should be coming out this month. It’s Steve Aoki, Chris Lake & TujamoBoneless.  It’s been fun working with the guy because their energy is quite infectious. It’s probably not a collaboration that people may expect but I enjoyed it and the record has turned out great. 

The festival market is being dominated by electronic artists at the moment. How do you think this will affect the scene as a whole?

Well I don’t think it is over saturated yet at all because they are all doing well and there is a massive market for them. The one thing I don’t like about them is the price for tickets, they cost a lot and that really winds me up. I think a lot of the DJs are overpaid and this drives the overall show price up. It sucks for the consumer. Dance music shouldn’t be means tested.

You can catch Chris live at the London leg of the Electric Daisy Carnival in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on July 20th. For more information and tickets click here



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