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And.ID – Eternal Return



Label: MobileeScore: 7/10 

Greek producer, DJ and live performer Andreas Dimitriadis releases his work under the And.ID alias, and is closely aligned with Berlin’s loved Mobilee stable, he brings an approach that sees him blending warm, melodic techno with a distinctly live and organic approach. It’s evident in both his studio productions, as well as his regular forays into live performances.

He’s remembered for working live trumpet into his performances; this side of his persona though has been scaled back a little for Eternal Return, with a thematic focus that sees him looking back through his early days of discovering dance in the Greek city of Thessaloniki. While it doesn’t necessarily translate into a cohesive narrative for the listener, it’s definitely an outlet for some lush records.    

Dimitriadis moves straight into the 4/4 grooves with the opener Svoura. It’s a fairly straightforward dancefloor number, but also one that demonstrates his tendency towards warmth and genuine musicality, as well as a knack for raw, rhythmic percussion. Likewise, the follower Thalassa is an absolute hypnotic stunner, a melodic tech house gem dominated by an irresistible collection synth swirls that take on an organic life of their own. A real beauty.

The organic percussion is again a strong feature on If We Stop, while the lively synth melodies again take on a life of their own on the title track; it’s as if they’re an organic instrument themselves. Forty Thieves and Work see Dimitriadis stepping up the pace and the BPMs, with two hypnotising numbers that puts the focus on the stripped-back pulse of the 4/4 beat. However, the inertia of Eternal Return does dwindle a little after that; returning for the gorgeous, delicately crafted work of art that is Isalos, a bonus rework of his 2010 single.  

While the thematic coherency doesn’t come across as much as Dimitriadis perhaps might have liked, when you take each of these tracks on their own merit, he can’t be faulted. There’s definitely plenty of seduction, musicality and soul to go around.


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